The results 04.11: Death Gandzyuk and ultimatum USA

Итоги 04.11: Смерть Гандзюк и ультиматум США

Died activist Catherine Gandzyuk

Doused with acid activist Catherine Gandzyuk died in the hospital; the United States have made the EU an ultimatum. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

The new law on loans came into force in Ukraine

In Ukraine came into force the law on the resumption of lending. It is expected that with the entry into force of the instrument should decrease the risks of creditors in the implementation of credit operations that will facilitate access of economic entities and natural persons to make use of Bank loans. Also will protect the rights of the creditor-mortgagee, the document will legally protect the institution guarantees.

Double Decker bus from Ukraine, got in an accident in Poland

In Poland near Bochnia (lesser Poland Voivodeship) involving four cars and a double-Decker bus from Ukraine. Injured seven people, including two children and a pregnant woman.

The UK for the first time skirted swim

Briton Ross Edgley was in the Guinness Book of records after skirted swim Britain. 33-year-old Edgley was in transit for 157 days, sailed 3317 km and never went ashore. The man finished in the same spot on the beach Margate, where he launched more than five months ago.

Died doused with acid activist Catherine Gandzyuk

The activist, an employee of the Kherson mayor Catherine Gandzyuk, which is July 31, doused with sulfuric acid, died in the hospital.

Police reclassified the attack on Gandzyuk article Finished killing the Criminal code of Ukraine. The attackers face up to 15 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.

In several cities of Ukraine took place the meeting-Requiem dedicated to Gandzyuk. Activists are convinced that the cause of death Kherson official’s steel complications associated with multiple burns of the body.

The US issued an ultimatum to the European Union

United States of America will not allow the European Union to do business “on two fronts” – with Iran and with the United States. This was stated by us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“European companies will not be allowed to do business with both the US and Iran”, – he stressed.

Up to 30 people and increased the number of flood victims in Italy

Up to 30 people has increased the death toll in the floods in Italy. In Sicily were found the bodies of nine members of one family, including children one, two and 15 years. Their house was torn down a flooded river, three managed to escape, climbing on the tree.

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