The results 05.06: the Conflict with Qatar, Montenegro in NATO

Итоги 05.06: Конфликт с Катаром, Черногория в НАТО

A number of Arab countries ceased diplomatic relations with Qatar presents the main events of yesterday.

The head of Naftogaz said that the gas price for Ukraine will be the lowest

In case of renewal of cooperation of Naftogaz with Gazprom, the Russian gas price for Ukraine will be the lowest, said the Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz Andrey Kobelev.

According to him, the price will be lower than what Naftogaz now pays the European companies for the reverse, because after the decision of the Stockholm arbitration the formula for calculating the price of blue fuel will be reviewed. However, specific numbers, neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian side to announce the not be able before the final decision of the Stockholm court.

A number of countries announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Egypt and the UAE announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing the country of supporting terrorism and destabilization of the situation in the middle East. A similar step was taken by the authorities of the Eastern part of Libya, Yemen and the Maldives and Mauritius.

After the breakup of diplomatic missions of these States in Qatar will be closed, stops the sea and air links with the Emirate.

Montenegro became a member of NATO

Montenegro passed the act on accession to NATO, Deputy Secretary of state Thomas Shannon, officially becoming, thus, the 29th member of the Alliance. Solemn ceremony of transfer of the deed took place, the U.S. state Department. Already on 7 June Montenegro flag will be raised at the headquarters of NATO in Brussels.

Lithuania started to build a fence on the border with Russia

In Lithuania began the construction of a security fence on the border with the Russian Federation. Until the end of the year the fence will be erected over a length of 44,6 km and the works are estimated at 1,335 million Euro. At intervals along the border with the Kaliningrad oblast will be constructed of metal segment fence approximately two meters with additional equipment.

In Kiev to the applause of the buried former head of the UGCC

In Kiev in the crypt of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the resurrection of Christ buried the cardinal of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Lubomyr Husar. The coffin with his Beatitude Lubomyr Husar took out from the Church to the applause of the faithful. More than 600 clergy from different dioceses of Ukraine and from abroad arrived to pay their respects, including the personal envoy of the Pope.

The GPU was ordered to open a case against Batkivshchyna

Pechersk district court of Kyiv ordered the Prosecutor General to open a case against the Fatherland because of the set journalists inaccuracies in the financial statement of the party. It is reported that in the party finances of the discrepancy between reporting and actual contributions from donors political forces, including retirees.

Near Kiev there was an explosion in the high-rise apartment

In Vyshgorod near Kiev street Mazepy, 5, a powerful explosion occurred on the 4th floor of 5-storey building. According to preliminary police data, the explosion occurred due to the rupture of grenades RGD. It is noted that in the incident died on the spot 40-year-old local resident, a woman aged about 40 years old in serious condition was taken to intensive care.

The representative of Ukraine in the Kiev region, Nikolai Zhukovich, said that the explosion in the city occurred most likely due to the fact that the man was playing with a grenade in the kitchen.

The head of the Ukrainian library was found guilty in Russia

A Moscow court found the former Director of the Library of Ukrainian literature Natalia Sharin guilty on charges of extremism.

The court decision States that Sharina has committed acts aimed at inciting national hatred and also committed embezzlement of funds for personal gain. She was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

The defendant stated that he believes the court decision is politically motivated, her lawyer plans to appeal the verdict.


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