The results 06.01: Call Kim Jong-UN, the arrest of princes SA

Итоги 06.01: Призыв Ким Чен Ына, арест принцев СА

Kim Jong-UN said that North Korea and South Korea to improve relations presents the main events of yesterday.

Seven Russian musicians joined the base of a Peacemaker

In the database of the website of the Peacemaker came from seven Russian musicians, performers of bard songs. So “Purgatory” Peacemaker joined Anatoly Kireev, Evgenie Chulkov, Raisa nurmukhametova (a pseudonym Raisa Nur), Vyacheslav Kovalyov, Larissa Brohman, Mikhail Bashakov and Tatiana Vizbor.

Musicians violated the state border of Ukraine during a visit to Crimea.

Kim Jong-UN has advocated the unification of North Korea and South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has urged North Korea and South Korea to improve relations, to create conditions for further Association. In his opinion, the two countries should not constantly look at your past.

The DPRK leader also called on to solve the crisis through joint efforts, but without involvement of intermediaries.

Poroshenko family has congratulated Ukrainians on Christmas

Ukrainians merry Christmas, congratulated the head of state Petro Poroshenko with his family.

“Christmas – the birth of hope, hope for peace, hope for justice. This holiday – it is spiritual, but he – and the state, he, and the people,” – said the President.

The first lady wished Ukrainians of joy and happiness for the future.

Hackers attacked the Department of justice Odessa region

The site of the Main territorial administration of justice in the Odessa region was compromised due to hacker attacks. As a result of hacking free access turned out to be hundreds of gigabytes of documents of the Ministry of justice.

The Ukrainian army gave LDNR body of separatists

The Ukrainian side has sent to the territory of Donbass bodies of the dead who fought on the side of the separatists, reported the press service of staff ATO.

The transfer took place within the framework of the humanitarian project APU “Evacuation 200” KPVV the Village Lugansk.

In Saudi Arabia detained 11 princes for the protests

In Saudi Arabia detained 11 princes after they gathered at the Royal Palace Qasr al-Hokm to protest against austerity measures imposed by the decree of king Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

The decree implied the suspension of the payment of princes for utilities for water and electricity. Also, the princes said they wanted to receive financial compensation for a death sentence to their relative.

Trump called himself a “very stable genius”

The President of the United States Donald trump considers himself to be not just smart, but genius. He stated, commenting on the book by American writer Michael Wolff “Fire and fury: the White house Donald trump,” which ridiculed the head of state.

“Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets were mental stability and a real mind. I went from being a very successful businessman to the President of the United States (first attempt), I think that this can not be called simply “mind”, but “genius”, and very stable genius,” said amerikanki leader.


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