The results 06.06: “the Escape,” Vatutin, quotas on TV

Итоги 06.06: "Побег" Ватутина, квоты на ТВ

Ukrainian ship General Vatutin presents the main events of yesterday.

Poroshenko has signed the law about the Ukrainian quotas on television

Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on introduction of quotas for Ukrainian language television. The signing of the decree the President said at a meeting with journalists, thanking them for their proposals on the introduction of quotas and the return of the Ukrainian language in the Ukrainian media.

The US struck positions of the Islamic state in Syria

The U.S. military resumed strikes on ISIS positions from ships in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Strike group led by the aircraft carrier “George Bush” resumed strikes as part of operation “Unwavering commitment” from the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to media reports, during the air strike in the Syrian desert, killing two soldiers of the Syrian army, more than 15 were injured.

Trump welcomed the blockade of Qatar

The US President Donald trump has supported the isolation of Qatar, stating the inadmissibility of financing radical ideology. He noted that everything points to the involvement of terrorist financing Qatar. “Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the horror of terrorism,” said trump.

Ukrainian team lost to Malta in a friendly match

The national team of Ukraine at the training camp in Austria has lost in a friendly match the team of Malta with the score 0:1. The only goal of the match was scored in the 14th minute. After a corner kick, our defenders missed his penalty Zaha Muscat, which with a couple of meters head ferried the ball into the goal.

Ukraine – Malta Online stream

School DNR switched to Russian language learning

In DND announced full transition of all educational institutions of the “Republic” from Ukrainian to Russian language learning.

According to the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko, “the process began in 2014, when the Russian trained 50% of students in 2015 – 88%”.

The Ukrainian ship “escaped” from Ukraine to Russia

Ukrainian cruise ship General Vatutin suddenly changed course from Odessa to Rostov-on-don, where he refused to accept, told the media.

Later it became known that Vatutin, who does not go under the Ukrainian flag, were not supposed to go to Odessa and sold in the Seychelles two weeks ago.

Корреспондент.net understand the situation around the vessel General Vatutin.

The United States urged the UN to adopt a strong resolution on Ukraine

The UN, US permanent representative Nikki Haley called on the UN Council on human rights to improve the efficiency of its work and to adopt a strong resolution on the situation in Ukraine.

“This session of the Council it is essential to make powerful, to the extent possible, decisions about the critical situation in the sphere of human rights in Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as to prevent further violations and abuses of human rights in these countries,” she said.


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