The results 09.03: Resolution on bezveze, re-election of Tusk

Итоги 09.03: Резолюция о безвизе, перевыборы Туска

Donald Tusk was re-elected head of the European Council presents the main events of yesterday.

Poroshenko said on television a little of the Ukrainian language

President Petro Poroshenko suggested during the ceremony of awarding the national prize of Taras Shevchenko to extend to TV the law about the quota of the Ukrainian language on the air.

“Thanks to the law we have achieved significant results in the spread of Ukrainian songs and Ukrainian language on the radio… Soon the same technology I propose to apply to television, where the presence of the Ukrainian language is unacceptable,” said Poroshenko.

European Parliament Committee approved bezviz for Ukraine

European Parliament Committee on civil liberties, justice and internal Affairs approved the draft resolution on the introduction of Ukraine in the list of third countries whose nationals are canceled visa requirements.

For a decision voted by 39 members of the Committee, four were opposed and one abstained.

It is noted that Ukraine has not only fulfilled all the requirements of the EU to provide visa-free regime, but “exceeded expectations”.

Tusk re-elected head of the Council of Europe

The head of the European Council, former Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, has been reelected for a second term. He received the necessary majority of votes at the EU summit in Brussels.

Note that the representatives from Poland to the Council of Europe voted against the candidacy of the Tusk.

In the Hague ended public hearings on the suit of Ukraine to the Russian Federation

The international court of justice concluded public hearings on the suit of Ukraine to Russia and proceeds to consider the request for the indication of provisional measures.

We will remind, hearings lasted four days. The court’s decision on a request for the indication of provisional measures will be announced at a public meeting, date to announce later.

Near the grave of Taras Shevchenko scuffle

In Kano on the Tarasova mountain, where the tomb of Taras Shevchenko, there was a scuffle between activists of the Civil corps, Liberty and the representatives of the party Ukrainian choice.

Attempts of delegates of the Ukrainian choice to go to the Museum complex and the monument to Shevchenko met with strong resistance from the Civil case and Freedom.

After a half-hour disputes and crush the representatives of the party have left the Tarasova mountain.


The Kremlin recognizes the decision of the court of justice at the suit of Ukraine

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian Federation is a party to the proceedings in the International court of justice and will accept his decision on the suit of Kiev to Moscow.

“The Russian side is a party to this proceeding. If Russia did not recognize the decision of the court, then, accordingly, she would not have been party to this proceeding,” – said Peskov.

Lukashenko responded harshly to the threat of Medvedev about raising gas prices

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko responded harshly to “intimidation” by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev regarding the gas price for Belarus.

“Medvedev needs to understand that if we pay in Europe, for something he, too, will have to pay. And the price will be enormously higher than the price of natural gas,” – said Lukashenko.

He stressed that “accounting the price of natural gas, which belongs to Medvedev” should not be the basis of relations between Moscow and Minsk.


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