The results 09.06: Demarche trump and talks with Putin

Итоги 09.06: Демарш Трампа и переговоры с Путиным

Trump has refused to sign a communiqué of the G7 summit; Poroshenko held a telephone conversation with Putin. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

MEPs urged the Ukrainian authorities to go to the March of equality

The European Parliament called on the Ukrainian authorities to support the planned on June 17, the equality March in Kiev. The MEPs urged the Ukrainian authorities, members of Parliament and government and the President of Ukraine to strengthen the country’s commitment to the European future and to deal with unfinished work to ensure the fundamental rights of LGBT Ukrainians.

“Make a historic step and be in the front row at that time, the Ukrainians are going to meet a strong, diverse and equitable democracy in our European family”, said the MPs.

Saudi Arabia increased oil production

Saudi Arabia decided to increase oil production after two years of reduction of production of raw materials. Experts expect that the increase in oil production capacity Saudi Arabia can lower prices.

Poroshenko and Putin held telephone talks

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation discussed the issue of liberation of the Ukrainian prisoners.

Poroshenko drew attention to the starvation of the Ukrainians and expressed concern about the deterioration of their health. Putin stressed the need for the immediate liberation of Russian journalists arrested in Ukraine.

The parties agreed on the visit of the ombudsmen of Ukraine and Russia detained citizens.

In Poland, crashed the plane with the Ukrainian people’s Deputy

In the Polish city of Rzeszow at landing light aircraft crashed, registered in Ukraine. The crash injured three people.

Seriously injured people’s Deputy Yuriy Chizhmar, from the Radical party, two other victims – Vladimir Vasiliev and Danilo Coast.

The United States refused to sign the final communiqué of the G7

In Quebec ended the summit “the Big seven”. During the summit, key themes were economic relations, climate issues and questions “green energy”, the protection of democracy from external threats and “building a safer world.”

The leaders of the countries participating in the G7 summit agreed on a final communiqué. US President, Donald trump has refused to sign the final document, accusing the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in a lie. In the centre of the discrepancies were the issues of the duties that the U.S. imposed on European and canadian steel and aluminum.

Starving Sentsov told about the health

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who is a 27-day hunger strike in a Russian prison, wrote a letter to the defenders Nikolai and Tatiana Schury.

“About me here well taken care of. The doctor constantly examines, analyzes, tests, IVS. As for the fourth week of the flight, the pilot feels normal! Next, we’ll see, but understand that I will not back down, so prepare options for the further preservation of my health,” – said Sentsov.

In Poland announced a change in “antibanderovskie law”

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz made for changes in the law on the Institute of national remembrance, which punishes the denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists. He noted that the law is a problem for relations between Poland and the US and Israel.

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