The results 10.12: the terrorist Attack in Istanbul, the oil contract

Итоги 10.12: Теракт в Стамбуле, нефтяной договор presents the main events of yesterday.

Countries outside OPEC, agreed to cut oil production

OPEC and outside the cartel States during the talks in Vienna and agreed to cut oil production. Countries outside the oil cartel agreed to cut oil production by 558 thousand barrels per day.

The pianist played the Requiem at the Administration Poroshenko

In the center of Kiev, near the presidential Administration, gave a street concert pianist Piano Extremist, who during the Maidan played on the barricades on the Grushevsky street and in the House of trade unions.

The piano, which has been preserved from the Maidan, in particular, the musician played the song “Requiem for a dream” – as a symbol of absence for three years the changes, which required members of the revolution.

Lutsenko announced a new version of the shootout in Knyazhychi

The consequence fulfils the version about a robbery of a house in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region, where in a shootout on December 4 killed five militiamen. This was announced by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

The double bombing took place in Istanbul

In Istanbul there was a double attack. The first explosion occurred near the stadium Vodafone Arena, which supports the football club beşiktaş. Later, the head of the interior Ministry of Turkey reported the second explosion and that allegedly carried out by a suicide bomber.

According to the latest data, the number of victims rose to 29 (including 27 police officers). The number of victims of explosions reached 166 people.

Melitopol, Kherson and Peter supported the song flash mob

Residents of Melitopol and St. Petersburg picked up song of the Soviet mob that engulfed the city in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Melitopoltsy held a singing flash mob on the platform of the railway station, 8 singing Soviet songs.

In Saint-Petersburg in the building of the railway station, the activists sang: “Nich yaka msacn, Zoryana, clear”, “Kupalinka”, “flash Mobs” and “Evening song.”

In addition, in Kherson, about a hundred people at the railway station sang a song “If the guys all the earth.”

The militants tried to capture Palmyra

The militants of the terrorist group Islamic state entered the Syrian Palmyra. Syrian army and militia fighters liberated the city from the militants and drove them from the city. Fighting continued from oil and gas fields of Al-Shaer and Gazal.

According to the materials: