The results 14.01: increase of travel, air-PE in Turkey

Итоги 14.01: Подорожание проезда, авиа-ЧП в Турции

In Kiev more expensive fare in the shuttles presents the main events of yesterday.

In Kiev more expensive fare in the shuttles

In Kiev increased travel in private Shuttle vans of the carriers have raised the price by 1-2 hryvnia, another part promise to make it since December 15. As indicated in the explanatory notes in salons of minibuses, the price increase was necessary and is due to rising prices of fuel and spare parts.

The national police has proposed to create a public registry of pedophiles

The first Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin said the need to create a public registry of pedophiles.

“These perverts destroy our future. Responsibility for their actions, under current law, so humane that allows them to do it again. On the order of amendments to strengthen accountability for sexual crimes against minors and the introduction of a public register of pedophiles,” he stressed.

According to Abroskin, it will help to protect Ukrainian children from criminals. Such a register already exists in Poland.

In Turkey the plane was rolled out of runway and almost crashed into the sea

At the airport of the Turkish city of Trabzon the plane Boeing-737 of Pegasus Airlines while landing skidded off the runway and almost rolled down the mountain into the sea.

On Board the ship flying out of Ankara, there were 162 people. All of them were evacuated.

In the French baby food found Salmonella

French dairy group Lactalis withdraw more than 12 million cans of baby food from 83 countries due to suspicion of infection with Salmonella. The company is ready to cooperate with the investigation, to provide all the necessary data.

In France, infected with Salmonella baby food suffered 35 children.

Ukraine has opened in China three visa application centre

Ukraine has opened visa application centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which will start operating on 15 January, announced the Embassy of Ukraine in China.

The office centers is explained by the fact that “travelers from China are a significant number”.

In the United States has offered assistance to Ukraine in creating the Service firesleeve

Goshenite United States on combating financial crimes (FinCEN) is ready to assist Ukraine in the creation of the financial investigation Service. This was announced by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oleksandr danylyuk on the visit to USA and meeting with Deputy Director, FinCEN Jamal El-Hindi.

In FinCEN stated that it will “actively monitor the process of establishment in Ukraine Services pinnacleone – the sole authority to combat financial crimes against the state,” added the Finance Minister.

The European Union has banned entry for three years the Russian political scientist

Russian analyst and propagandist Oleg Bondarenko was denied entry in the EU passport control in the airport of Berlin Tegel.

“At the request of Poland I am forbidden entry into the territory of the European Union countries without explanation. The ban is valid for three years,” he said.


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