The results 14.10: Defender’s Day and the promise of the Church

Итоги 14.10: День Защитника и обещание по церкви

In Ukraine, there were mass events dedicated to the celebration; the President made a statement on the Church in the country: Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

In Ukraine celebrated day of the Defender

Ukrainians celebrated the Day of Defender of the holiday, which was replaced on 23 February. On this day also is celebrated the Holy virgin, and since 1999 − the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. 14 October is the day of Foundation of the Ukrainian insurgent army.

The police said that the country held more than 500 events. which involved 250 thousand people.

In particular, held a prayer service for the autocephaly, the March of nationalists and right-wing radicals, and also recorded was the attempt to demolish the monument to Vatutin. collection of the most interesting details of the day.

The Vatican canonized Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI, who served Holy throne from 1963 to 1978, was officially canonized.

He was the first Pope since the beginning of the nineteenth century who made a visit outside of Italy and visited five continents.

The President said that in Ukraine there is no state Church

President Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine was not, and there is no state Church, and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church will not invite forced.

He stressed that the government will respect the choice of those who decide to stay in a Church structure which preserves the unity with the Russian Orthodox Church.

In Kiev opened the monument to victims in the Donbass

On the territory of the Ministry of defense opened a memorial to fallen soldiers. The complex consists of the Hall of memory, which is memory book with names of the dead soldiers, and the stele with the bell.

Merkel’s party lost their absolute majority in Parliament

The Christian social Union received the most votes in the elections to the local Parliament of the German Federal land Bavaria, but lost the absolute majority.

The rating of the ruling bloc, led by Angela Merkel has fallen to the lowest rate in history. Now, the party will have to unite with other forces to create a coalition.

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