The results 15.05: “Riots” in Roshen, the new growth rates

Итоги 15.05: "Бунты" в Roshen, новый рост тарифов

The company store Roshen presents the main events of yesterday.

SBU foiled “sweet riots” in stores Roshen

Employees of SBU found out that former members of the Party of regions intended to discredit President Petro Poroshenko organized a “sweet riots” in Roshen. According to the head of the secret service Vasyl Hrytsak, “the instructions came from Moscow.” The participants had to wear the uniform of members of ATU.

Lutsenko’s wife bought the SUV 2.4 million

The wife of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada Irina Lutsenko declared that the purchase of the rights to the Mercedes-Benz GLS 350D 2017 release. The purchase cost her to 2.43 million hryvnia (92 thousand dollars). Note that this is the second Mercedes-Benz at the disposal of the family head of the GPU. Also Irina Lutsenko declared large amounts of cash and in Bank accounts.

In Ukraine increased tariffs on cold water

May 12, the tariffs on cold water rose to 24 utilities of Ukraine. Cold water has risen in Kyiv, Lviv, Rivne, Dnieper, Khmelnytskyi, Irpen, Cherry, Boyarka, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Pavlograd, Lisichansk, Coloma and other cities.

The level of price increase varies from 7% to 28%. The highest percentage growth in Lviv, and in the numerical measurement of the rate at Rivne and Kiev.

The collapse of the walls of the College in the Carpathian

In Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk region, a wall collapsed three-story building Economics and law College Kyiv national University of trade and Economics, said NTC.

According to the staff of the College, shortly before the collapse they saw the began to deform the foam on the walls of the building, and I heard a creaking sound. The building announced the evacuation. In gschs declared that because of the collapse no one was hurt.

In Kiev on independence Day will be a parade

President Petro Poroshenko instructed the government to ensure the holding of the military parade in the Ukrainian capital on the anniversary of the independence Day on August 24. Also planned laying flowers to monuments and memorials, the graves of prominent figures of the Ukrainian state, the victims involved in Euromayday, participants of the ATO.

France got a new Prime Minister

The President of France Emmanuel macron was named the new Prime Minister of the country. The government headed by 46-year-old Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre.

Итоги 15.05: "Бунты" в Roshen, новый рост тарифов

Edouard Philip headed the government of France. Photo: EPA

Until the beginning of 2017 Philip held the position of press-Secretary of one of the leaders of “Republicans” Alain Juppe. After Juppe failed to become a candidate for presidents of France from the “Republicans”, Philip joined Makron.

The court chose a measure of restraint for Prancer Seduce

Ukrainian journalist and prankster Vitaly Seduc, exposing buttocks in the final of the Eurovision song contest-2017, released by the court under the personal obligation. In this case he was obliged to hand over the passport. Also Seduc needs to be on-call investigator to report a change of residence.

If he will not perform his obligations, it can become the basis for change to it measures of restraint.

Superbugs WannaCry “slowed down” in Europe

In Europe the increasing number of victims of the massive hacking attack that started the virus WannaCry. This information was published at Europol, stating that “it is a success.”

Meanwhile, the virus continued to spread in the Asian countries – China, Japan and South Korea.


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