The results 15.10: Elections in Austria and the heating season

Итоги 15.10: Выборы в Австрии и отопительный сезон presents the main events of yesterday.

In Austria was held early parliamentary elections

According to preliminary data, on elections in Austria is in the lead with 31.4 percent of the votes of the conservative people’s party, headed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic Sebastian Kurtz.

Second place went to the Austrian freedom party with 27.4% of votes, and in third place was the Social democratic party with 26.7% of votes.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated the Kurtz with the victory of his party. The head of state stressed that the elections in Austria leads the man who knows the situation in Ukraine.

In Ukraine started the heating season

The Cabinet announced the official beginning of the heating season. Also in Department noted that the reasons for the growth of heat prices and Ukraine for the first time in recent years, fully ready for the heating season.

In Kurdistan announced the onset of the Iraq

The security Council of the Iraqi Kurdistan announced the advance of Iraqi forces and Pro-government Shiite militias in Kirkuk.

According to media reports, the region was additionally sent three thousand of the militia of Peshmerga to protect the area.

The European broadcasting Union announced, which will host the Junior Eurovision song contest-2018

BTRC will take children’s song contest Eurovision in Minsk in 2018. The European broadcasting Union stresses that the Belarusian application was recognized as the best.

The court arrested the accounts of tobacconist

The court seized the Bank accounts of former Minister of education and science Dmitry Tabachnik totaling over $ 32 million. According to the GPU, seizure of Bank accounts and other assets abroad are not imposed.

In the US, said that trump does not want war with North Korea

Secretary Rex Tillerson said that Washington will continue diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis around North Korea until they drop the first bomb.


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