The results 16.03: Rally in Kiev and personnel changes

Итоги 16.03: Акция в Киеве и кадровые перестановки

Ncorpus held a protest in Central Kiev; Poroshenko dismissed the head of the Poltava regional state administration and appointed head of foreign intelligence. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Poroshenko dismissed the head of the Poltava region

President Petro Poroshenko dismissed the Chairman of the Poltava regional state administration Valeriy Golovko. Acting head of regional state administration appointed Roman Tasty.

The head of state noted that the last word in the case of suspected head should put the court.”But it needs to be made that the investigation caused a public trust,” – said Poroshenko.

Shuliavska bridge in Kiev was finally closed

In Kiev completely closed traffic on the Shulyavska bridge due to its removal. Until the end of 2019 is planned to finish works on construction of a new overpass length 158,17 m, bike lanes (length 741 m), the left – and propovednik of congresses, the reconstruction of a pedestrian underpass, landscaping and gardening.

The United States transferred six nuclear bombers in Europe

Military-United States air force, flown from Louisiana to the front base Fairford in Gloucestershire, the British squadron of six strategic bombers B-52H Stratofortress.

Planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons, have become part of a new tactical deployment of a group of American forces in England.

Ncorpus held a protest in Kiev

In Kiev on independence square held a rally organized by the party’s national body. The activists demanded to punish participants of illegal schemes of the military-industrial complex, exposed in the investigation.

Under the Verkhovna Rada and the presidential Administration, the protesters pelted police with toy pigs. In mass rallies attended by about two thousand people. The rally was held peacefully.

In Ukraine there is a new head of the foreign intelligence Service

President Petro Poroshenko has appointed Andrey Alekseenko, acting head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine. “The first Deputy Chairman of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Alekseenko Andrey temporarily perform the duties of the Chairman of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine”, – stated in the decree of the President.

In France, clashes took place “yellow jackets” with the police

France was the 18th campaign of the “yellow jackets.” In Paris were set ablaze, destroyed and looted several shops. Protesters used smoke bombs and burned cars. Near the triumphal arch of the activists pelted police with stones. For dispersal of demonstrators the police used water cannons and tear gas.

According to the interior Ministry of France, in the protests across the country participated 32,3 thousand people, 237 demonstrators were arrested. During clashes in Paris, injuring at least 59 people, including 17 police officers.

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