The results 17.10: the Massacre in Kerch and protests of trade unions

Итоги 17.10: Бойня в Керчи и протест профсоюзов

Kerch Polytechnic College student was attacked in Kiev, protesting trade unions. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

In Kiev massively protested the unions

In Kiev on Wednesday, October 17, was held the second stage of all-Ukrainian protest action, organized by the Federation of trade unions of Ukraine.

The protesters marched from the Park of Taras Shevchenko in the government quarter with the symbols of the trade unions they represent, and urged to raise wages and to reduce tariffs.

Also, the protesters carried placards with inscriptions No meaningless reforms, Doctors a decent wage.

The head of the UAOC ready to transfer to St. Andrew’s Church of Constantinople

The head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC), Metropolitan Macarius willing to donate the use of the Ecumenical Patriarch of St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev.

According to Macarius, 2015 St. Andrew’s Church was subordinate to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. Then the lease ended and the building started to reconstruct. Now this temple is engaged in the state.

Klimkin proposed to rebury the remains of Bandera

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has proposed a Pantheon of heroes and reburied there the ashes of the head of the OUN Stepan Bandera. He told this to journalists on Wednesday, October 17, after a government meeting.

“I think we need it, and from the point of view of respect for our heroes, and from the point of view that this will foster a sense and understanding of their own history. This requires adequate decisions, but I don’t see any problem to have a Pantheon,” – said Klimkin.

College in Kerch undermined

In College in Kerch has exploded an unidentified explosive device. This is stated in the message of the National antiterrorist Committee of Russia.

According to the Committee, the explosion at the building of the Polytechnic College Kerch occurred at about 12 noon. NAC also reports that according to preliminary data, the explosion killed nearly 20 people, more than 50 were wounded.

In Kerch, a bomb blew up in College. Online

Poltorak told anyone punished for the bombings in Ichnya

On the facts of explosions in warehouses of the sixth Arsenal at Ichnya of Chernihiv region responsible was attracted 65 people. This was on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defense, said defense Minister Stepan Poltorak.

“For the events that happened to me was prosecuted more than 65 people. Of them, the Deputy chief of staff was dismissed for office discrepancy, 5 generals have received the sanction of different types – ranging from inconsistencies to posts and finishing other other officers have received penalties,” – said Poltorak.

The court ordered the PFC to pay pensions to immigrants

The Grand chamber of the Supreme court of Ukraine has obliged the Pension Fund to pay retirees, with the status of internally displaced persons.

In particular, it is specified that the court has left without satisfaction the appeal of the Bakhmut unified management of the Pension Fund in Donetsk region, the failed payment to pensioners, with the status of internally displaced persons.

The Cabinet has postponed the increase in gas prices

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has extended the current gas prices for the population to 27 Oct 2018. On Wednesday, October 17, reported Ukrainian news citing its own sources in the government.

“The decision was made: to extend the PSO and the price of gas to 27 October,” – said the source. According to him, the decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday.

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