The results 17.10: the Protests of the Parliament and a blast in Malta

Итоги 17.10: Протесты под Радой и взрыв на Мальте presents the main events of yesterday.

Near the Parliament, protested supporters of Saakashvili and other political forces

In Kiev, near the building of Verkhovna Rada took place protest action of supporters of the former Odessa Governor Mikhail Saakashvili and other opposition politicians and political forces.

The protesters demanded, in particular, to abolish parliamentary immunity, to create anti-corruption court and to introduce proportional electoral system with open lists.

As a result of collisions under the walls of Parliament injured four people – one policeman and three members of the rally.

Later, the activists set up near the Parliament of the tent and said that they would continue the protests on October 19.

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Malta blew up a car with a well-known journalist

In Malta in a car bomb explosion killed a journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia, known for its investigations of corruption in the framework of the project Panama Papers. It is noted that 15 days ago Caruana Galicia told the police about the death threats.

The case of the Russian military Ageeva has transferred in court

The SBU filed a criminal case against Russian soldier Viktor Ageev and two separatists ORLO. The investigation found that Ageev March 2017 joined a terrorist formation, which performed the functions of a heavy reconnaissance company.

The suspects could face eight to 15 years in prison.

Navalny was allowed to participate in elections of the President of Russia

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova reported that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny by law forbidden to participate in presidential elections in 2018. According to her, although he is on probation, convicted under such article are not eligible to participate in the elections.

The court of Spain annulled the law of Catalonia on the referendum

Spain’s constitutional court annulled the Catalan authorities adopted a law providing for the holding of this referendum on independence.

Also, the Spanish court arrested without the right of bail to the leaders of public organizations advocating for the independence of Catalonia, the National Assembly of Catalonia and the organization of General culture – Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Quiera charged with “inciting disobedience to the authorities” of their members.

The Dow Jones index set a new historical record

Dow Jones Industrial Average for the first time in its more than 100-year history and for some time has surpassed 23,000 points in the course of trading.

The Minister of ecology said that in Ukraine every two hours to die from-for bad ecology

The Minister of ecology of Ukraine Ostap Semerak, citing data from the world health organization reported that in Ukraine every two hours, three people die because of poor environmental conditions.


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