The results 18.03: Arson Roshen and Ukrainian Putin

Итоги 18.03: Поджоги Roshen и украинский от Путина

During the day, in Kiev, set fire to two shops Roshen

In Kiev tried to burn down two stores Roshen; Putin in Crimea speak Ukrainian. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Italian singer decided to sue Ukraine

Italian singer al Bano made by the Ministry of culture of Ukraine in the “black list”, going through the European courts to demand compensation from the Ukrainian side. Lawyers of the actor are ready to appeal to the European court of human rights and demand the immediate deletion of the name al Bano from the “black list” of Ukraine.

In the Netherlands, the man opened fire in the tram

In the Netherlands, the unknown opened fire in the tram in Utrecht, resulting in three people were killed and about ten were injured. During a special operation in the area Oudenoord police arrested the alleged shooter, a 37-year-old native of Turkey Hekman of Tanis.

Putin spoke in Ukrainian

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in annexed to the Crimea, where he started at full power for two new thermal power plants. During his speech, Putin said that the actions of the current Ukrainian leadership cause him surprise.

Criticizing the Ukrainian government, he spoke in the Ukrainian language. “Sometimes you just want to ask in Ukrainian: z z Chi has his marbles that?” – said the Russian President.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine handed over a note of protest to Russian foreign Ministry over the visit of the President of the Russian Federation on the Peninsula.

In Kiev the night burned two store Roshen

In Kiev the night burned two shops Roshen. So, an unknown person threw a blast package with an unknown mixture in the window stalls in the downtown. Store employees were not injured. The arsonist was arrested, they found 53-year-old man.

Unknown doused in flammable liquid and set fire to another shop Roshen in Obolonskiy Avenue. The attackers failed to catch.

The court handed down the first prison sentence for the corrupt

The Kiev district court of Odessa I sentenced to three years of imprisonment of the former Chairman Zakharivs’ke district state administration of Odessa region Dmitry Franchuk for charging a premium of 65 thousand hryvnias.

This is the first conviction in cases investigated by Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and the National anti-corruption Bureau.

Database with the “doomsday planes” flooded in the United States

In the state of Nebraska is flooded military base Offutt, where is the headquarters of the Strategic command of the U.S. Armed forces and stationed a Boeing E-4B Nightwatch, also known as “the doomsday planes”

The base is flooded by almost a third, from 30 200 buildings were damaged, in addition, kilometer runway went under water.

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