The results 18.06: LGBT March in Kiev, the elections in France

Итоги 18.06: Марш ЛГБТ в Киеве, выборы во Франции presents the main events of yesterday.

NATO troops fulfilled the scenario of Russian attacks on the Baltic States

American and British forces, NATO conducted the first large-scale military exercise on the border of Poland and Lithuania, practicing the script repel the invasion of the Russian Federation to the Baltic States.

Perfected version of the seizure of Russian border with a length of 104 km, known as Suvalki corridor.

In Lviv, the SUV crashed into a crowd of people

In Lviv, on the square near the Cathedral the Church of St. Andrew jeep Land Cruiser drove into the crowd and overturned. One woman died on the spot, another was taken by ambulance

The police reported that the driver of the car was a former employee of the state traffic Inspectorate. Male of the bodies of internal Affairs resigned a year and a half ago.

The number of victims of forest fires in Portugal exceeded 60

The number of victims of large-scale forest fires in Portugal has increased to 62 people, 54 people were hospitalized. Most of the victims were civilians, but among them there are eight firefighters. The condition of four of them is serious.

The Department of consular service of the MFA reported that there are no Ukrainians among the victims in fires in Portugal.

In Kiev held a March in support of sexual minorities

In Kiev held a March for equality of the LGBT community Kievprayd-2017. The March came some deputies, the ambassadors of Canada and great Britain, representatives of the UN office. The slogan of the March was “a Country for all”, the participants also chanted “Riot, kohai, right vdovy”.

LGBT March in Kiev: online

During the event, there were clashes of opponents of the March with the police, however, has done without victims. Police arrested six of the opponents of equality March. Later all detainees were released. Their actions are qualified as hooliganism and fined 51 UAH.

The coalition led by the US has shot down a Syrian plane

The coalition led by the United States against terrorist group “Islamic state” shot down the plane Syrian air force.

As stated in the headquarters of the coalition, the plane of the Syrian regime su-22 dropped bombs near the positions of the SDF. In accordance with the rules of self-defense, he was immediately shot down by American fighter F/A-18E Super Hornet.

Head of SpaceX showed how the rockets are assembled Falcon

The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk has shown how to assemble launch vehicles Falcon at the factory in Hawthorne, California (USA). A relevant video he released on his Twitter.

Hawthorne, California

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 16 июня2017 G.

Second round of parliamentary elections was held in France

In France held a second round of parliamentary elections. The party of the President of France Emmanuel Makron Forward, Republic of! together with its allies won an absolute majority in the lower house of Parliament.

According to the results of elections of deputies of the National Assembly Candidates from moving Forward, Republic of! he received 308 out of 577 seats in the lower chamber 42 of the mandate was won by the representatives of the Union party MoDem (Democratic movement).


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