The results 19.07: Quotas on metal and purchases of chlorine from the EU

Итоги 19.07: Квоты на металл и закупки хлора из ЕС

The EU has introduced quotas for 11 types of Ukrainian metal; Ukraine has started importing chlorine from Romania. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

The city Council did not repeal the increase in travel

Members of city Council refused to impose a ban on increase of fare in public transport. For a decision voted only 24 deputies of the city Council for the minimum required 61.

EBRD approved the allocation of Ukraine of 250 million euros

The European Bank for reconstruction and development approved a new programme USELF-III 250 million euros to support private projects in renewable energy in Ukraine.

The EBRD reminded that support the development renewable energy in Ukraine in the framework of USELF program since 2009, but its term ends on 30 June 2018, and USELF-III to replace it.

Trump has invited Putin to the US

The US has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Washington this fall. The invitation was handed over by the Advisor to Donald trump on homeland security John Bolton.

“President trump asked John Bolton to invite President Putin to visit Washington this fall. Discussion (parties) this issue is already underway,” − said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders.

Ukraine began to import chlorine from Romania

Ukraine started importing chlorine from Romania, are also expected deliveries from Poland, Slovakia and Uzbekistan.

“From Romania has slowly done in small batches, 30-40 tons per week. But this is not enough for General needs. Slovakia, Poland can start the shipment, and the chlorine can be in Ukraine until August 30. As for Uzbekistan, they now confirm the possibility to supply chlorine in tanks, it is also the end of August,” – said Vice-President of the Association of vodokanals of Ukraine Olga Babiy.

The EU imposed quotas on 11 types of Ukrainian steel products

The European Union has imposed tariff quotas in respect of 11 types of Ukrainian steel products.

According to the published decision of the European Commission, 11 types of Ukrainian steel products have fallen under the protective measures, namely, HR sheets and strips, cold rolled sheets, stainless rebar and light sections, tubes for gas pipelines and more. In addition, in relation to 17 types of products still under investigation.

Putin has invited Trump to hold a referendum in the Donbass

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal to the leader of the United States Donald Trump to hold a referendum in order to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources present during the meeting between the two leaders behind closed doors.

Trump asked Putin not to publicly discuss the idea of a referendum and to give him time to think.

The cyber-police and special forces raided the office of the Communist party

Employees of postal and telecommunications with the involvement of special forces KORD searched and seized evidence in the office of the Communist party of Ukraine in Kiev.

Law enforcement authorities previously set IN the address and the location of the resource with domain where the facts were revealed of the production and distribution of Communist symbols forbidden by law. Police also identified the persons who had administrative access to the specified site.

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