The results 19.09: trump in the UN and Eurobonds of Ukraine

Итоги 19.09: Трамп в ООН и евробонды Украины presents the main events of yesterday.

Trump in UN urged to protect Ukraine’s borders and threatened the DPRK

The President of the United States Donald trump during a speech at the UN General Assembly called on member countries of the organization to defend the sovereignty and respect of boundaries.

“We should reject threats to sovereignty from Ukraine to the South China sea,” said the American leader.

He also said that the United States will be ready to completely destroy North Korea in the event of a threat to Washington and its allies.

Ukraine has fined the Russian airline

The state aviation service of Ukraine has ordered more than 20 thousand fines airlines for flights to annexed Crimea for the total amount of 2.72 billion. According to the CAA of all such offenders-airlines of the Russian Federation there are more than 40.

Aviation administration jointly with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine to take measures to appeal to international courts to resolve the situation of paying the said debt and to prevent violations of the airspace of Ukraine.

In Kiev rallied against health care reform

In the center of Kiev held a warning protest against the adoption of the reform of the health care system, which this week plans to consider the Verkhovna Rada.

Column of two thousand demonstrators marched from Independence square to the buildings of the presidential administration, government and Parliament. Per share came to health care workers, Union representatives and activists of several political parties from different regions of Ukraine.

The cyclist has traveled around the world in 79 days

Scotsman mark beaumont made a round trip on the bike for 79 days, setting a new world record. He completed 29 thousand miles and visited 16 countries.

It is reported that he left Paris on July 2 and returned on September 18. Beaumont overcame daily average of 370 kilometers behind the wheel to 16 hours.

The Ministry of Finance officially announced the issue of Eurobonds

Ukraine announced the final parameters of the first independent release of Eurobonds in 2014. Notes that be issued bonds of external government loan of three billion dollars, with ultimate maturity on September 25, 2032 in four equal installments.

The DNR said they do not intend to hold elections of the President of Ukraine

The head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said that the elections of the President of Ukraine on the territory of the “Republic” will not be held.

“The new opposition in Kiev insists on the early elections of the President and the Verkhovna Rada. So, I want to say that if these elections are held, we will not allow a repeat of political fraud, which is arranged Kiev in the last election in 2014. This time we will not allow to pretend that in our territory are the election of former President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada”, – said Zakharchenko.

In Mexico, there was a new powerful earthquake

In the South-East of Mexico earthquake of a magnitude of 7.1. Tremors were recorded on September 19 in 21.14 in Kiev. According to preliminary data, has killed more than 120 people and their number is growing rapidly.

The first footage from Mexico where the earthquake occurred…just a gesture… #mexico #mexican #Earthquake

Nikita (@Nikitka93) 19 Sep 2017


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