The results 19.10: the New price of gas, and calculation of subsidies

Итоги 19.10: Новая цена газа и начисление субсидий

From 1 November the price of gas for the population will grow by 23.5%

The government increased the price of gas for the population and changed the terms of registration of subsidies. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

In Kerch they buried the dead in the attack on the College

In Kerch was held a farewell ceremony for the 19 victims of the mass murder at the College. On the square it. Lenin gathered thousands of people. In coffins buried 18 of the victims. Murdered inhabitant of the village of hornostaivka, a Muslim, was buried according to Muslim tradition, without a coffin.

The Cabinet raised the gas price for population

From 1 November 2018 gas prices for the population will grow by 23.5%. The decision adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers. According to the resolution, the gas price from November 1 will be 8550 UAH per cubic meter.

In Ukraine changed the rules for housing subsidies

The Cabinet of Ministers has amended the conditions of registration of subsidies. Since October 1, when calculating housing subsidies are not counted in the total income paid and special budget subsidies for the rearing of cattle.

A subsidy on a common basis are also now available to those citizens who have arrears in the payment of the single social contribution because of the employer.

Among other things, the right to an allowance from the government, I have those families that have heating, and not the total area of the housing does not exceed 120 square meters for apartments and 200 square meters for individual houses.

Saudi Arabia recognized the death of a journalist in the Consulate in Istanbul

The government of Saudi Arabia has recognized the death of a journalist of The Washington Post Jamal Casucci in the Consulate of the country in Istanbul and dismissed Deputy head of intelligence. According to the Prosecutor General of the country, between Casucci and people in the Consulate had a conflict that led to the death of the journalist.

Ukraine and the IMF agreed on a new program

The international monetary Fund and the Ukrainian authorities agreed on the economic policy of a new 14-month stand-by agreement The new document will replace the agreement under the EFF, approved in March 2015, and its validity will expire in March 2019.

“New SBA with the requested access to SDR 2.8 billion (equivalent to $ 3.9 billion.) will serve as a basis for economic policy of the authorities in 2019,” said the Fund.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople responded to the gap with the ROC

Constantinople continues to be in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church, despite its decision to Eucharistic communion. This is stated in the appeal of the Exarchate of Russian parishes in Western Europe to the flock. All Orthodox believers can fully participate in the liturgical life and sacraments of the Church in our parishes.

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