The results 20.12: the state Budget for 2017 and the new head of Odesa region

Итоги 20.12: Госбюджет-2017 и новый глава Одесчины

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the state budget for 2017 presents the main events of yesterday.

The Odessa region received a new Governor

The Commission for higher corps of civil service was named the winner of the competition for the position of head of the Odessa regional state administration Director of the state enterprise Polygraph combine Maksym Stepanov Ukraine.

Stepanov is Director of the printing plant Ukraine for five years. During the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko was Deputy Governor of Odessa.

Rada adopted the state budget for 2017

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the night of Wednesday, December 21, took in the General state budget for 2017. For a decision voted by 274 MPs.

The Verkhovna Rada whalla reigning budget-2017.

— The Verkhovna Rada (@verkhovna_rada) 21 December 2016

Putin’s candidacy was nominated for the Nobel peace prize

The head of the French Center for political and international relations (CFPA) Fabien of Bossar said that officially put forward the candidacy of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for the Nobel peace prize.

“As head of the CFPA, I formally presented the candidacy, directing to the Nobel Committee a letter saying that, in my opinion, President Vladimir Putin can get a Nobel peace prize as a reward for his peacemaking efforts,” he said.

Poroshenko introduced the new transport aircraft an-132D

The Antonov Corporation and President Petro Poroshenko introduced a new version of the Antonov An-132D.

An-132D developed by the order of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with foreign partners such as us Honeywell, the canadian CMC Electronics and Pratt & Whitney Canada. The creation of the transport took only 1.5 years.

The company completely abandoned Russian components. In the new transport An-132D only Ukrainian and Western production.

The United States expanded sanctions against Russia

The United States expanded sanctions against Russia in connection with situation in Ukraine. Included in the list of seven individuals and dozens of organizations, as well as two vessels under the Russian flag. The assets of people and organizations from the black list will be frozen in the U.S., U.S. residents are prohibited to have a relationship with them.

The electors confirmed the victory of the trump in US elections

The US President-elect Donald trump garnered the necessary 270 electoral votes the second phase of the presidential election, reinforcing his final victory. The politician called the vote of the electors “triumph of democracy”.

The Democratic candidate for U.S. President, Hillary Clinton is ahead of trump by almost 3 million votes, although he lost in the electoral College.

Rada legalized the guarantee to depositors of state banks

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill on amendments to the law On banks and banking activity to ensure government deposits.

According to him, is provided with additional guarantees for depositors of PrivatBank nationalized and state Ukreximbank. The depositors of the savings Bank, such guarantees have already been.

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