The results 21.09: the Rejection of the PACE session, the dispersal of the blockade

Итоги 21.09: Отказ от сессии ПАСЕ, разгон блокады

The Ukrainian delegation will not participate in the next session of the PACE; the police broke up a blockade of trains in the Lviv region: Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Ukraine refused from participation in the next PACE session

The Ukrainian delegation will not attend the autumn session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

As stressed by the MP from public Servants Bohdan Yaremenko, the decision was supported by the majority factions of the Ukrainian Parliament.

Media reported the establishment of in Google most powerful quantum computer

The American company Google have created the world’s most powerful quantum computer. It is noted that he at times performs calculations faster than a supercomputer from IBM Summit.

The police reported on the dispersal of the blockade of the railway in Lviv region

Law enforcement officers dispersed the blockers of trains from the headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers on the railroad tracks in the village of sielec, Lviv region.

It is noted that the police used coercive measures, as the activists have offered physical resistance. In the end, were arrested 28 people, but later they were released.

In an accident near Odessa killed nine people

In the Odessa region between the villages of New Valley and Prilimanskoe collided with a truck and a crowded bus. As a result of incident nine people were killed, another four were injured.

In the Arctic went the largest in the history of the expedition

The biggest in the history of a scientific expedition went to the Arctic to study climate. It involved about 600 researchers from 17 countries. The project cost amounted to 140 million euros.

The US has sent a warship to the Persian Gulf

The United States has placed a destroyer USS Nitze, which is equipped with missiles of a class “earth-air”, near the North-Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.

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