The results 21.10: Ultimatum to Poroshenko, the decision of Madrid

Итоги 21.10: Ультиматум Порошенко, решение Мадрида presents the main events of yesterday.

The Finance Ministry has prepared a three-phase plan of monetization of subsidies

The Ministry of Finance has developed a plan of transition to monetary calculations on subsidies, which will consist of three stages.

The first phase will include the monetization of calculations on subsidies at the level of enterprises – service providers. At the second stage – preparation of system to conduct the monetization of subsidies at the household level (the creation of necessary infrastructure, the creation of a unified registry and database of subsidianes and their verification, etc.). In the third stage – the monetization of subsidies at the household level.

Spain announced the dissolution of the government of Catalonia

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the dissolution of the Catalan government and announced new elections in the region. These measures must still be approved by the Spanish Senate on 27 October.

At the same time, according to media reports, the head of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme intends to declare independence in the region on October 23.

In Kiev, found a stolen baby

From kindergarten №606 Obolon stole the baby. Father came along with a two-month baby in daycare, to pick up eldest daughter. He left the stroller with the girl under the stairs on the first floor, and he left the group. When in a few minutes they returned, they found the empty stroller. Later in a network there was video of a kidnapped child.

Police have detained a woman suspected of kidnapping a child. The little girl was not injured.

The kidnapper of the baby said that he planned to give the baby to the police. “I was walking near the market, and then the man says: “I this child does not need, I would better shelter gave”… I thought to pick up, then go to the police, to give, to say that the man refused,” she said.

In the chamber at the Parliament to deliver an ultimatum to Poroshenko

Under walls of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev held a Veche. One of the representatives of Donbass has announced its demands to President Petro Poroshenko, including the incorporation within five working days of the bill on impeachment of the President and the draft law on the anti-corruption court.

In addition, during the meeting the leader of the new forces Mikheil Saakashvili presented his “plan of salvation of Ukraine” for the five plenary weeks, which, in particular, provides for the abolition adopted by the Parliament on the eve of health reform and the adoption of the law on medical insurance.

In Barcelona held a mass rally for the independence of Catalonia

Residents of Catalonia have protested the “empty pots” after the speech of the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy. The essence of the protest is to go to the balcony of his house and banging spoons on empty pots. The action came very numerous and affected many areas of the region.

Barcelona also held a demonstration in support of independence of Catalonia, which was attended by several thousand people.

In Munich a man with a knife attacked passers-by

An unidentified man was stabbed several passers-by on the square Rosenheimerplatz in Munich, Germany. A man randomly attacked passersby with a knife. He managed to attack six people, four of whom were injured. The assailant arrested.

In Kiev detained the commander of the OUN

In Kiev, near the metro station Akademmistechko militiamen detained the commander of the volunteer battalion OUN Nikolay Kohanivsky. It happened after a fight with Ruslan Kohanivsky Camalou (call “REM”). The first used the traumatic weapon.

Kohanivsky himself said that shooting with his participation took place due to the fact that from the hostel near the metro station forcibly evicted the residents.


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