The results 21.12: the Massacre of the synagogue and the talks in Minsk

Итоги 21.12: Погром синагоги и переговоры в Минске

In Uman unknown ransacked the synagogue presents the main events of yesterday.

In Uman, unknown assailants attacked a synagogue

In Uman, Cherkasy region the group of unknown persons broke into the synagogue at the tomb of Rabbi Nachman in the night from 20 to 21 December, doused the room with red paint and pelted with pieces of pork.

The public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko took under personal control investigation of this incident and the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman urged Netpolicy to do everything possible to catch the attackers.

“…if someone comes close to religious buildings, churches, Catholic churches, synagogues, mosques with impure thoughts is the enemy of our state. It is the enemy of the Ukrainian people. The road to the temple needs to be free in every sense” – said Groisman.

In Minsk agreed on a new ceasefire in the Donbass

OSCE special representative in the trilateral contact group on the Donbas Martin Sajdik said that the contact group in Minsk agreed on the introduction in the Donbass complete ceasefire from 24 December in connection with the upcoming holidays.

He also added that the next meeting of the contact group on settling the situation in Donbas will take place on 16 January 2017.

Duties on Russian goods last year

Ukraine until the end of 2017, extended the rates of import duty on the import of Russian goods.

The decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting on December 21.

The Ministry of economic development and trade has reminded that such decision was made in response to the introduction of the Russian Federation from January 1 of the trading prohibitions and restrictions in respect of Ukraine.

An international team of investigators Bellingcat said the acts of war of Russia against Ukraine

Bellingcat has prepared a report on how utverzhaetsya, military actions of the Russian army against Ukraine in 2014. In it, these attacks will equate to “acts of war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine”.

The report notes that the war in Eastern Ukraine not to use the term “civil war” or “internal conflict” as the evidence clearly indicate that the Russian military presence in the region.

The UN adopted the first ever resolution on modern slavery

The UN security Council for the first time in history adopted a resolution on combating trafficking and smugglers involved in the transportation of those human commodities.

Human trafficking, says the statement adopted unanimously document is a crime, “undermines the rule of law and contributes to other forms of international organized crime”.

United States announced the transfer to Japan of the island of Okinawa

Part of the territories to the North of the island of Okinawa, where the us military facilities, Japan will give, says the official statement of the United States. Just return 4,000 hectares of land between the villages of Higashi and Kunigami. The official transfer will take place on December 22.

Recall that the island of Okinawa came under US control at the end of the Second world war. In 1972, the island was returned to Japan, however it remained a major military base for the United States in East Asia.

The President of Ukraine gave Italy the stolen paintings

Ukraine gave Italy a collection of 17 paintings stolen in November 2015 from the civic Museum of Verona and discovered in the current year, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities.

President bere the fate of peredach 17 pictures, snidanich ukrainskimi pravoohraniteli, the Museum of Verona

— Svyatoslav Tsegolko (@STsegolko) 21 December 2016

Moscow likened the murder of the Ambassador to the attack on Russia

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey is actually an attack on the country.

“Vladimir Putin strongly condemned the incident a provocation. Describing this as a terrorist attack, as the human tragedy, so for the President it was emotionally very difficult news. The attack on the Ambassador – in fact, the attack on the country”, – said Peskov.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the killer Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was associated with the organization of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom the Turkish authorities accuse of involvement in the attempted coup in the country.

S&P downgraded the rating of PrivatBank

International rating Agency Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings lowered the long-term and short-term credit ratings of PrivatBank. Rating lowered to “R/R” (under the supervision of the regulatory body).

The downgrade reflects the regulatory risk associated with the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine to carry PrivatBank insolvent, the nationalization of the Bank, as well as the possible establishment of a moratorium on certain loan obligations of financial institutions.

Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Shlapak announced that PrivatBank is working normally, payments are made without restrictions, and Privat24 and other banking services are stable and will remain available to clients.