The results 22.10: the Referendum in Italy and beatings Lozovoy

Итоги 22.10: Референдум в Италии и побои Лозового presents the main events of yesterday.

In two Italian regions held referendums on autonomy

The inhabitants of Lombardy and Veneto in Northern Italy voted in a referendum for the autonomy of their regions. Such a status would give local authorities more freedom in matters of immigration and social policy in the security sphere, and also will give regions the opportunity to dispose tax revenues.

Lviv beat the people’s Deputy Lozovoy

The people’s Deputy from the Radical party Andrei Lozovoy was beaten in the village Khashchovanya Lviv region where he arrived for a meeting with voters.

The data on the beating of MP recorded by the police as violence against a statesman.

Saakashvili said, to what number the campaign will last.

The former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili said that the action near the Verkhovna Rada, which began on 17 October and will last until early November. He said that the protests will continue “at least until the next plenary week” − November 7.

The Cabinet approved the procedure for deprivation of the status of combatants

The government has amended the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 20, 2014 No. 413 on the issue of deprivation of the status of combatants.

Provides for the possibility of deprivation of the status of combatant persons who participated in the ATO, in the case of a conviction by a court for any person committing a deliberate serious crime of revealing the fact of providing false information about participation in the ATO or on the personal application of a person.

Russia does not believe in the victory of the US over the ISIS in raqqa

The speaker of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov said that the U.S. statement on the victory over the terrorist group “Islamic state” in the Syrian city of raqqa has caused Moscow bewilderment.

“Bravura statements of official representatives of the US administration about the “outstanding victory” over ISIS in raqqa puzzling,” he said and added that as a result of airstrikes of the coalition in the ruins of the city were “buried” thousands of civilians.

Trump said that the US is ready for any situation with the DPRK

The US President Donald trump said that Washington is ready to any scenarios of development of events around North Korea.

“We are ready for anything. You will be shocked to learn how well we are prepared, if need be,” − said the American leader.

The President of Zimbabwe will not be a goodwill Ambassador

Who has cancelled the decision on appointment of the President of Zimbabwe goodwill Ambassador in Africa for noncommunicable diseases. This decision was made by the head of the organization after the international outcry, including leaders and experts in the field of health.


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