The results 23.07: Threat on the border and Nazi gold

Итоги 23.07: Угроза на границе и золото нацистов

The head of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko presents the main events of yesterday.

The General staff stated that Russia pulled to the border of the three divisions

The chief of the General staff Victor Muzhenko said that the Russian Federation increased its military presence on the border with Ukraine by three infantry divisions, which are essentially designed to conduct rapid offensive operations.

Jordan attacked the Israeli Embassy

In the Jordanian capital Amman was attacked on the Israeli Embassy. Local media, citing sources in the security services, reported one dead man, presumably the Jordanian and one Israeli wounded.

Authorities have not yet provided any information.

Trump has supported the new U.S. sanctions against Russia

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders stated that the President of the United States Donald trump supports a bill to impose new sanctions against Russia.

“The administration supports the existing tough stance against Russia, in particular, the introduction of these sanctions,” said Sanders.

Off the coast of Iceland found four tons of gold the Nazis

Off the coast of Iceland flooded in 1939 German cargo ship SS Minden British divers discovered four tons of gold the Nazis.

It is reported that the gold the Nazis could take from the banks of the countries of South America. According to preliminary estimates it costs up to $ 100 million.

The special representative of the United States visited the Donbass

Special envoy of the US state Department, Kurt Volker, the American Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch visited the Donbass. According to Volcker, he arrived in the ATO area to see the details of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

The U.S. representative said that the conflict in the Donbas – it is a crisis that requires urgent attention that must be completed as quickly as possible.

“It’s not a frozen conflict, it is a hot war,” – said Walker.

Died the first legal Soviet millionaire

In Russia died businessman Artyom Tarasov, who was one of the pioneers of cooperative during perestroika in the USSR in the late 1980-ies. He was 67 years old.

According to media reports, the cause of death Tarasova became pneumonia, which he tried to overcome by yourself.

Arrived in Ukraine the ship with African coal

A ship with South African coal arrived at Yuzhny commercial sea port in Odessa region. It is noted that 75 thousand tons of anthracite belonging to the energy company DTEK, plans to unload at the warehouse of the enterprise for 2-3 days and quickly to ship in cars to send power companies to Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP power.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United States completed its mission

Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, whose name was mentioned in investigations of the relations of the American President Donald trump, retired. Before the arrival of his successor functions chargé d’affaires of the Russian Federation in USA will be done by a Counsellor Denis Vladimirovich Gonchar


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