The results 24.8: Independence in new ways, the failure of the Union

Итоги 24.8: Независимость по-новому, неудача Союза

On independence Day in Kiev were two of the March

In Kiev held two celebratory March on independence Day; ship Soyuz MS-14 is not docked with ISS: Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Ukraine celebrated its 28th independence Day

Ukraine celebrated the 28th anniversary of the Declaration of independence. The celebration this year was held without the traditional military parade in Kiev.

President Vladimir Zelensky initiated the March of dignity in the city center. It was attended by the military, the veterans of the ATO, volunteers, and also known physicians, teachers, athletes, and diplomats.

During the event, during performance of the anthem was arranged a performance.

Also in Kiev hosted the alternative March of the defenders, which according to the media, brought a lot more people than the official March of Dignity with the participation of the President.

The procession went from Shevchenko Park to Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Ukraine has tested a space rocket Cyclone

For the first years of independence, Ukraine has successfully tested stage of a space booster class-Cyclone-4.

The design Bureau of South said that this was the final and most important test before the first flight tests of the third stage of the carrier rocket Cyclone-4, which will output the satellites.

Chinese companies have bought more than 50% stake in Motor Sich

Director of public relations of JSC Motor Sich, Anatoly Kid said that the Chinese Skyrizon and Xinwei Group filed for approval in Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine a deal for buying over 50% stake in the plant.

The ship Union MS-14 was unable to dock with the ISS

The spacecraft Soyuz MS-14 with a robot actor on Board was unable to dock with the International space station. He approached her 99 metres, hovered, and then began to retreat to a safe distance is 279 meters.

In NASA noted that the cause of the failure was a glitch in the docking system Course aboard the station.

The President established a Day of memory of defenders of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has established a Day of memory of defenders of Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on August 29.

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