The results 25.07: trump Charges and a truce in Libya

Итоги 25.07: Обвинения Трампа и перемирие в Ливии presents the main events of yesterday.

Trump has accused Ukraine of sabotaging his campaign

The US President Donald trump has accused Ukraine of sabotaging his campaign. The American leader said that Kiev was trying to help his rival, Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections and called on the Prosecutor General to investigate the actions of Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the US denied the accusations of the us President.

“I responsibly declare that the government of Ukraine did not help any of the candidates in the elections of 2016”, – said the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington.

The parties to the conflict in Libya agreed to a truce

The representatives of the parties to the conflict in Libya, under the mediation of President of France Emmanuel Makron agreed to a ceasefire and the holding of early presidential and parliamentary elections in the country.

During negotiations in France, the parties managed to find common ground and approve a plan of ten points for the ceasefire in a country that suffers from civil war.

The U.S. Congress approved new sanctions against Russia

The house of representatives approved a bill on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The bill on sanctions should be considered in the Senate, and then, if approved, will be submitted for signature to the President.

New sanctions in the case of adoption may be the most extensive and complex since the beginning of 2014.

The journal of the EU published a communication on Association with Ukraine

Official journal of the European Union published on Tuesday, July 25, the message on the entry into force of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine on 1 September 2017.

The Cabinet abolished the Antonov concern

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its decree eliminated aircraft building concern Antonov. The Commission on liquidation of the concern was headed by Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Yuri Brovchenko.

Poroshenko appointed a new head of the border service

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appointed the new head of the State border service – Lieutenant-General Peter Chikala.

Retired Viktor Nazarenko head of the state was given the rank of General of the army and said he was pleased with the quality of his work.

He Nazarenko said that he resigned “under pressure of circumstances, primarily related to health”.

The FSB said that Kiev is trying to disrupt the tourist season on the Peninsula

The head of Department of FSB Victor Palagin said that the Ukrainian intelligence services organized the recruiting offices on the border with Crimea in order to compel the cooperation of the residents of the annexed Peninsula. The purposes of recruitment, according to Palagina, is Ukraine’s interest in the disruption of the holiday season.

Ukraine won the first case on the loss of Luhansk in the ECHR

The European court of human rights handed down the first decision on the complaint against Ukraine, associated with loss of control over Lugansk.

Complaint to the ECtHR was filed by Alexander Chlebik, which from April 2013 is serving a sentence in prison in Luhansk region and failed to implement the appeal. He argued that the state had violated his right to exercise fair justice within a reasonable time period.

The judges of the ECHR unanimously found that Ukraine is not responsible for the consequences of loss of control over the territory of the Luhansk region and did not violate the Convention.


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