The results 25.12: Fall of Tu-154, Christmas for Catholics

Итоги 25.12: Падение Ту-154, Рождество у католиков presents the main events of yesterday.

Near Sochi crashed Russian Tu-154

In the Black sea off the coast of Sochi in the crashed airplane of the defense Ministry, Tu-154, which was flying to Syria.

On Board were 92 people, all of them died.

Passengers were military artists of the Academic song and dance ensemble of the Alexandrov, journalists of Russian channels First channel, NTV, Star and activist Elizabeth Glinka (“Doctor Lisa”).

Priority cause of the crash of Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry is considered to be a technical malfunction of the Board.

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Catholics celebrated Christmas

Catholics and Protestants all over the world celebrated Christmas. In more than 145 countries of the world – it’s an official holiday and one of the main religious holidays of the year.

With traditional message Urbi et Orbi (“the city and the world”) on the occasion, appealed to St. Peter’s square at the Vatican Pope Francis.

First message was on the war in Syria. The Pope also called for an end to conflicts in other parts of the world, particularly in Ukraine.

In Kiev burned the market near metro station Lesnaya

In Kiev, near the Forest burned warehouses with second-hand. Information on incident entered in 11.41.

The fire closed two metro stations – Forest and Chernihiv, the train was only a station Darnitsa.

Press-service gschs reported that in 13.10 the fire on the area of 2 thousand square meters was localized, and at 15.31.

During fire extinguishing, rescuers found the badly burned body of a woman.

In Chile, a powerful earthquake

The USGS reported that in 26 kilometers from the Chilean city of Puerto Kelon in 16.22 in Kyiv recorded an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 points.

The earthquake lies at a depth of 40 km, While reports of casualties or damage were reported.

Chilean authorities announced the evacuation.

Ukraine fulfilled 8 out of 44 of the obligations of the Association with the EU – study

According to the study of the Ukrainian European policy centre, Kiev, Ukraine has fully implemented only 8 of the 44 obligations under the Association Agreement with the European Union.

According to the document, Ukraine is obliged to implement about 350 European acts until 2025. A further 28 commitments are in the process of adaptation, and the eight – adaptation do not occur.

Israel responded to the resolution on the abolition of the Israeli settlements

The Prime Minister and foreign Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu ordered to summon the ambassadors of several countries to the conversation, which in a rigid form requires an explanation of vote in the UN security Council.

According to the media, we are talking about the ambassadors of countries with which Israel has diplomatic relations, there are: China, France, Russia, USA, Egypt, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine and Uruguay.

Earlier, Netanyahu canceled a planned next week in-country visit of Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

Press Secretary of Prime Minister Dmitry Stolyarchuk said that Groysman urged not to dramatize the situation.

We will remind, the UN security Council on 23 December approved by a majority of votes the draft resolution demanding Israel to stop settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Fourteen members of the security Council supported the document, refrained the representative of the United States.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko said that the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, the construction of which called for the opt-in resolution of the UN security Council, contrary to international law.

Note that the grouping Hamas has expressed full satisfaction with the resolution.

Sri Lanka has assembled the largest artificial Christmas tree in the world

The Sri Lankan authorities stated that have gathered in the capital, Colombo, the largest artificial Christmas tree in the world. Tree made from steel rods and wire, covered with a million painted cones and hundreds of thousands of festive lights. Its height is 73 meters.

Итоги 25.12: Падение Ту-154, Рождество у католиков

Height of tree in Colombo is 73 meters

The authors of the idea say they want to make their creation a symbol of mutual understanding between representatives of different religions.