The results 26.03: Mass protests in Russia, the collapse of the Mi-2

Итоги 26.03: Массовые протесты в РФ, крушение Ми-2 presents the main events of yesterday.

Budapest was supported by the Hungarian autonomy in Ukraine

In Budapest was held the forum of Hungarian MPs from the Carpathian basin countries, was attended by representatives of senior management of Hungary, which confirmed the willingness of the government to give strong support to the Diaspora of Hungarians in neighbouring countries.

The forum adopted a statement in which the deputies welcomed the increase in the number of electoral alliances with the participation of the local Hungarian parties in neighbouring countries over the last few years.

Winter is back. Lviv oblast snowed

In the Lviv region, the snow fell. The temperature dropped to 7°C below zero. Previously, forecasters warned that Ukraine is expected to rain and cold.

Under Kramatorsk fell to a military helicopter

Military helicopter Mi-2 crashed between the Slavic and Bakhmut. Five people were killed. According to preliminary information, the helicopter crashed in a collision with a power line.

In Russia held rallies against corruption. In Moscow have detained hundreds of people

At the anti-corruption rally in downtown Moscow have detained 800 people, including the organizer of the campaign of Alexei Navalny. The reason for the action across the Russian Federation was the lack of reaction from the authorities on the results of the investigation about the corruption schemes, established by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In St. Petersburg, after an unsanctioned rally on Uprising square police detained over 130 people.

In Kiev was held a rally in support of the detained Belarusians

Under the Belarusian Embassy in Kiev was held to protest against the detentions of people in Minsk. The rally gathered several hundred people. People with placards, came to support the detainees. People were holding posters with inscriptions: “long live Belarus”, “For our and your freedom”. The protesters chanted “Freedom, equality, global solidarity”.

Under the town killed three Ukrainian military

During the shelling of the Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka was fatally wounded three soldiers APU. As reported by the ATO headquarters, the shelling of the Ukrainian positions in this area was conducted from mortars of a caliber of 120 mm.

Rescuers have completed the clearance Blakley

Pyrotechnics have completed the demining of residential areas Blakley and nearby villages.There were confiscated about a thousand explosive subjects. Also restored electricity to 95% of the users that have been disabled. To restore gas supply in all settlements of the district is planned for 2-3 days.


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