The results 27.08: accident with Shufrych, congratulations to Donetsk

Итоги 27.08: ДТП с Шуфричем, поздравления Донецку

Nestor Shufrich Jr., Bentley knocked down a man presents the main events of yesterday.

Russia has blocked the Kerch Strait

RF has restricted navigation in the area of construction of the Kerch bridge from 27 to 30 August. The ban on the passage of ships introduced for training to the marine transportation operations railway arches to the fairway.

The son of people’s Deputy Shufrich hit a man

The son of people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrich said the evening of August 26 was shot down a man on a pedestrian crossing in the center of Kiev. The victim with multiple injuries was hospitalized.

It is alleged that the accident happened when Nestor Shufrich Jr. went to return the car Bentley, which the dealership provided for the video shoot of his companion.

Examination showed that the culprit was sober. The scene he disappeared. The adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that, probably the son of Shufrych faces probation and a fine.

Later it became known that the downed man is in intensive care on 17 th hospital in a grave condition without consciousness.

The President said that in Donetsk will sound the hymn of Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko congratulated the citizens of Donetsk city day in Facebook.

“City day, dear residents of Donetsk! We love you, we remember you, and struggle hard for your return to Ukraine”, − wrote Poroshenko added that the Ukrainian national anthem again there will sound.

We will remind, in last Sunday of August in Donetsk celebrate the city, and throughout Ukraine traditionally celebrates the Day of the miner.

Due to hurricane Harvey 30 people missing

As a result of hurricane Harvey in the U.S. state of Texas missing are 30 people, three of them died and another 30 people were injured.

Due to the bad weather, about 300 thousand residents in affected areas lost electricity.

In the United States announced the day of the equality of women

The President of the United States Donald trump announced August 26 as the Day of women’s equality.

The White house noted that the President’s administration will continue to support the advancement of women and to build the economy in which women can be successful.


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