The results 27.08: Deal the U.S. and Mexico, assignment of trump

Итоги 27.08: Сделка США и Мексики, уступка Трампа

The presidents of the United States and Mexico have reached agreement on a trade; the us President under public pressure, has honored the memory of McCain: Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

The United States and Mexico reached a trade agreement

The US President Donald trump and the President of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto, has reached an agreement on the future of the North American free trade area (NAFTA).

Trump said that after the conclusion of the new transaction, the parties will abandon the names of the NAFTA, replacing it with “the Agreement of the United States and Mexico”.

Canada was not included in the agreement, the negotiations planned in the near future.

Trump has released an official statement in memory of McCain

After public pressure, US President, Donald trump has released an official statement in which he honored the memory of deceased Senator John McCain.

In addition, the us leader ordered before the end of the funeral policy to lower flags at government buildings.

The Ambassador spoke about the terms of Ukraine’s financing from the United States

The United States will complete the provision of assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 250 million only on condition of implementation of reforms.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that the United States is ready to provide without performing any additional conditions half provided assistance, and all the rest happens “in exchange” for reform in the Mat.

Turchynov has called the size of the defense budget in 2019

The NSDC Secretary Alexander Turchinov said that next year’s defense budget of Ukraine will amount to about 200 billion hryvnia.

He said that according to the forecast of the Cabinet of Ministers of GDP in 2019 will amount to 3.9 trillion hryvnia, and the financing of the security sector and defense of Ukraine shall not be less than 5% of this amount.

The EU has banned the use of halogen lamps

From September 1, 2018 in the European Union will come into effect a ban on the use of halogen lamps. Instead, buyers are invited to move to led bulbs, which consume five times less electricity.

The police announced in tracing Vadim titushko

Deputy head of the National police Vyacheslav Abroskin reported that Vadim titushko whose name has become a household name for young guys who used to organize illegal military action, wanted for serious crimes on the territory of Kyiv region.

The education Ministry told to replace the time sheet for first graders

By order of the Ministry of education and science of the old report cards to students the first class will replace the Certificate of achievement.

The certificate will record the characteristics of the personal achievements of students and to evaluate the activity of the child, independent work in the classroom, cooperation with other students and the like.

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