The results 28.07: North Korea’s Missile, response, Russia, the United States

Итоги 28.07: Ракета КНДР, ответные меры России США presents the main events of yesterday.

North Korea launched a new rocket

North Korea launched another missile launch towards Japan. DPRK leader Kim Jong UN said that the successful test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile And 14 are “stern warning to the USA” and once again proved the country’s ability to carry out missile launches from any point at different times

Russia responded to US sanctions

Moscow has imposed retaliatory measures on training in the United States a new package of sanctions against Russia. The Russian foreign Ministry rebuked the U.S. Embassy to use a dacha in Serebryany Bor and warehouses in Moscow and recommended to equate the number of American diplomats in Russia the number of Russian diplomats in the U.S. – up to 455 people.

It is noted that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved a decision on departmenti United States, as a retaliatory measure on the sanctions.

In Kiev beat Greek fans for supporting Putin

Ukrainian ultras beat up supporters of the Greek football club PAOK, who came to Kyiv to support their team in the Europa League match against Olimpik Donetsk.

The incident occurred late in the evening after the match on one of the gas stations network KLO. Ukrainian fans beat up, at least two of the Greeks. That’s how much Greek fans got to the shooting angle of the camera on the street.


Russia recognized the supply of turbines by Siemens in the Crimea

“Daughter” of the state Corporation rostec the company confirmed the fact of the modernization of the Siemens turbines and the supply of the Crimea.

It is noted that in connection with the bankruptcy of the company Tekhnopromexport in 2016, offered to buy out Siemens turbine installations, but the German company refused the offer. This turbine was sold to another company, modernized and “specified characteristics, under the project” power plants in the Crimea.

Poland has accused Russia of falsifying the history of the world

The Institute of national memory of Poland has accused Russia of falsifying the history of the Second world war.

Earlier, the Russian defense Ministry published archival documents about the liberation of Poland by the red Army during the great Patriotic war. In response to the publication of secret documents in the Institute of national remembrance of Poland said that for most poles the Red army brought not liberation but a new enslavement.

Five countries have extended sanctions against the Crimea

Following the European Union’s five partner countries of the EU extended sanctions against the Crimea until June 23, 2018. The EU Council decision adopted on June 19, joined by Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro, Norway and Georgia.

The President signed the law on compulsory heat meters

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law of Ukraine On commercial accounting of heat energy and water. The document provides for the mandatory installation of meters in all buildings connected to the external heat networks, networks of hot and cold water.

Ukroboronprom experienced two new samples of weapons

The state concern Ukroboronprom announced the development and successful testing of a new thermobaric weapons – the flamethrower and grenades. It is specified that infantry flame-thrower RPO-16 developed by research Institute of Chemical products, and RGO grenades-27C and RGT-27С2 on Hospederia MF Artem.

The UOC-KP held a Procession in Kiev

Hundreds of faithful gathered near the Vladimir Cathedral on the anniversary of baptism of Kievan Rus. A procession was held from St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, Park Volodymyr hill at reinforced security measures of the police.

President Petro Poroshenko congratulated the believers on the Day of the baptism of Russia and advocated the recognition of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, calling the selection of Christian faith by Prince Vladimir, including European.


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