The results 28.08: the End of friendship with Russia, the record of the hryvnia

Итоги 28.08: Конец дружбе с РФ, антирекорд гривны

Ukraine will break the Treaty of friendship with Russia; the national currency fell to the lowest level in seven months. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Ukraine has closed its representative office in CIS

Mission of Ukraine to the statutory bodies of the Commonwealth of independent States was closed in August.

“We regret that in the month of August was closed the mission of Ukraine to the statutory bodies of the Commonwealth”, – said the Chairman of the Executive Committee – CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev.

The hryvnia fell to historic lows

The hryvnia rate on the interbank market on 28 August decreased to 28,03 UAH/USD. Quotes hryvnia to the end of trading amounted 27,99-28,03 UAH/USD. According to the National Bank, this is the first fall of the hryvnia below the level 28 UAH/USD since the end of January 2018.

Poroshenko announced the cancellation of the agreement on friendship with Russia

Ukraine will soon begin the process of terminating the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia signed in 1997, announced by President Petro Poroshenko. The head of state has instructed the foreign Ministry of Ukraine to prepare for the corresponding gap.

In Ukraine, debts on salaries grow

In July 2018, the total amount of arrears of wages in Ukraine increased by 0.4% and on August 1 amounted to 2,734 billion, according to state statistics.

The growth of wage arrears in the last month was recorded in the Transcarpathian (32.8%), Ivano-Frankivsk (somewhere around 19,1%), Kherson (14.2%), Khmelnytskyi (by 12.3%), Kiev (12,1%), Dnipropetrovsk (10.4%), Vinnytsia (by 7.5%), Sumy (by 5.6%), Odesa and Cherkasy (by 4.9%), Ternopil (by 4.8%), Kharkiv (3.9%), Zhytomyr and Luhansk (2.6%), Kyiv (1.3%) and Mykolaiv (by 1.1%).

Dynamo flew out of the Champions League

At the stadium NSC Olimpiyskiy Dynamo Kiev held the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against the Dutch Ajax. The meeting ended with the score 0:0. Dynamo failed to beat Ajax and stopped the fight in the most prestigious football tournament of Europe. Kiev will continue to struggle in the Europa League.

The mayor of Konotop dismissed

The deputies of Konotop city Council by 26 votes,more than 2/3 of the total number of local deputies voted for the resignation of Artem Semenikhin with the mayor. The mayor said that does not recognize the results of this session.

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