The results 28.10: the Rating of Ukraine and the struggle for Catalonia

Итоги 28.10: Рейтинг Украины и борьба за Каталонию

Fitch affirmed Ukraine’s rating at “b-” with a stable Outlook presents the main events of yesterday.

Forbes named the richest people in the world

American magazine Forbes named the richest people in the world. On the first line of the rating was the founder of the retailer Amazon Jeff Bezos. His fortune is estimated at $93,1 billion.

On the second place of a rating there is Microsoft founder bill gates, his fortune was less than Bezos for $3.2 billion In third place with $80,6 billion, American investor Warren Buffett.

Fitch affirms Ukraine

Rating of Ukraine was confirmed by the international rating Agency Fitch of “B-” with a stable Outlook. Confirmed long-term sovereign Issuer default rating of Ukraine in foreign and national currency at level “B-” with a stable Outlook.

In accordance with the scale of Fitch, the ratings group “In” means presence of certain credit risks with a limited margin of safety.

German airline Air Berlin cancelled their flights

The aircraft of the airline Air Berlin, which worked on the market since 1979, made the last flight from Munich to Berlin.

A large part of the fleet (81 aircraft), Air Berlin takes itself Eurowings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa. The workers of bankrupt companies (400 pilots and 900 cabin crew, Air Berlin) will have to apply and go through the competition your new employer.

Air Berlin was second only to Lufthansa by the German power player in the airline industry.

In the restaurant a man was shot in the head

In Kiev, unidentified persons broke into the restaurant Sushiya and opened fire on one of the visitors. The victim received a wound in the head and in grave condition was hospitalized. The assailant, two men of Caucasian appearance disappeared.

The defense Ministry said the number of non-combat losses since the beginning of ATO

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that in 2014, more than 10 thousand military died and were wounded not for fighting.

According to the Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak, the main causes of non-combat losses of soldiers disease, violations of security measures and the use of alcohol.

Spain has appointed a new head of Catalonia

Deputy Prime Minister of the Spanish government Sorau Saenz de Santamaria was appointed interim head of the Generalitat (government) of Catalonia is suspended Carles Pokdemon.

The powers of the provisional Chairwoman of the Catalan government, it is required to elect a new regional Parliament and a new government is appointed.

What happens in Catalonia: all the details

Meanwhile, Putteman, which the Spanish authorities sent in his resignation, stated that he did not recognize the order. He also promised to continue the struggle for the independence of Catalonia, using democratic mechanisms.

In Kiev held a “hemp March”

In the center of Kiev held a March for decriminalization of storage without a purpose of selling marijuana. The March came about 100 people. The activists demanded to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis without intent to sell.

The rally took place peacefully, the participants chanted slogans and handed out to journalists and passers-by seeds Spanish cannabis.


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