The results 29.07: the order of the pilot and frustration trump

Итоги 29.07: орден пилоту и разочарование Трампа presents the main events of yesterday.

The EU has started a penalty procedure against Poland

The European Commission officially launched a penalty procedure against Poland. It happened after one of the laws on the reform of the Polish judiciary, which was published and entered into force.

Warsaw has a month to answer a formal notice of Brussels. Depending on the response of the Polish authorities or lack of it, the Commission may proceed to the next stage of the penalty procedure.

Poroshenko gave the order to the pilot plant in Istanbul the emergency aircraft

President Petro Poroshenko awarded the order For courage of the III degree of the Ukrainian pilot Alexander Akopov, who on July 27, in difficult weather conditions, has landed a passenger airliner at the airport in Istanbul Ataturk.

The President also called Akopov and personally thanked the pilot for his actions.

Another batch of military equipment the United States has arrived in Georgia

Georgia has arrived the next batch of us military equipment, which will participate in the international NATO military exercises Worthy partner-2017.

In the port city of Poti, arrived the second batch of armored vehicles Stryker. At a military airfield in Alekseevka near Tbilisi welcomed participants of the exercise – soldiers of the European command of the U.S. army.

In Africa crashed Ukrainian plane

In the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe in Central Africa crashed cargo plane An-74 Ukrainian airlines, CAVOK Air. The crew members were injured.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash was hit by a flock of birds in the right engine during takeoff.

Dinamo defeated Karpaty

In the third round of Ukrainian Premier League Dynamo Kiev has won a crushing victory over Karpaty Lviv – 5:0. The fight was held in the capital of Ukraine at the Olympic NSC.

In Krivoy Rog earthquake

In Krivoy Rog were recorded quake a magnitude of 4.1 points. The negative effects of the earthquake there. It was found that on mine anniversary in the city were carried out underground blasting.

On the eve of Krivoy Rog were recorded tornado and hurricane.

Trump was disappointed in China

The US President Donald trump said that he is very disappointed in China, because Beijing does nothing to resolve the situation with North Korea.

“I’m very disappointed in China. Our stupid past leaders have allowed them to earn hundreds of billions of dollars per year on trade, but they do nothing for us with North Korea, but only say. We will no longer continue it. China can easily solve this problem”, – said the American President.


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