The results 29.12: cyber war of the Russian Federation and peace in Syria

Итоги 29.12: Кибервойны РФ и перемирие в Сирии

In the United States have imposed sanctions against Russia for meddling in the election presents the main events of yesterday.

USA imposed new sanctions against Russia

Us President Barack Obama signed an Executive order to expand sanctions against Russia in response to “interference in U.S. elections” and “the pressure on American diplomats.” He stressed that the announced sanctions will affect individuals and nine organizations in Russia.

It became known later, the US state Department confirmed the expulsion of Russian diplomats 35. They must leave the country within 72 hours.

Russia disagrees with the accusations of the US and called the actions of the Obama administration aggression. Note that the RF is preparing an adequate response to US sanctions.

Putin announced a cease-fire in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the agreement on a ceasefire in Syria and the willingness to start peace negotiations.

According to Putin, Syria signed three documents. The first is between the Syrian government and the armed opposition ceasefire in Syria. The second is the set of measures to monitor the ceasefire, and the third is a statement about the readiness to start peace talks.

The Council has adopted the doctrine of information security of Ukraine

The Ministry of information policy of Ukraine reported that the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) at the meeting of 29 December approved the doctrine of information security of Ukraine.

In particular, the doctrine defines national interests in the information sphere, the goals, objectives, principles, directions, priorities and mechanisms of formation and implementation of state information policy.

Poroshenko accused Russia of cyberwar

President Petro Poroshenko has accused Russia of involvement in the cyber attacks on Ukrainian authorities and the state information resource.

“Just in the last two months at the facilities of five departments and thirty-one state information of a resource discovered about six and a half thousand planned cyber attacks,” he said at the meeting of the Council.

Poroshenko said that the investigation of a number of incidents indicates the involvement in the cyber attack directly or indirectly by the Russian secret services.

The President also admitted the possibility of terrorist acts on objects of infrastructure in Ukraine.

“Today is quite likely remain the terrorist acts and sabotage on critical infrastructure. Well, we have built a professional security service, and the Service knows how to prevent these threats. But we need inter-Agency cooperation”, – said Poroshenko.

Poland urged Ukraine not to celebrate the anniversary of the UPA

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski urged Ukraine not to mark the 75th anniversary of the UPA and stressed that reconciliation would be impossible, if next year the country will organize large-scale celebrations on this occasion.

Ukraine imposed new sanctions against Moscow

The national security Council imposed additional sanctions against Russia and adopted a program of development of Armed forces till 2020.

New sanctions against physical and legal individuals from Russia, imposed due to Moscow’s aggression.

Sanctions imposed against the elected in the state Duma election results in Crimea, members of the so-called election commissions, the Ukrainian enterprises in Crimea, illegally re-registered under Russian law.

Ukraine handed over 15 prisoners of the DPR

Ukraine unilaterally gave 15 people the DNR.

“Ukraine in exchange format “zero fifteen” referred to representatives of the so-called DNR/LNR supporters of the separatists, who had been detained for participation in illegal groups”, – reported in SBU.

The Ministry stressed that “the Ukrainian government made a goodwill gesture in the hope of finally “unfreeze” the process of exchange of prisoners, which were blocked by the militants.”

Kiev urged the UN to increase pressure on Russia

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that Ukraine calls upon States members of the United Nations to take further steps to strengthen pressure on Russia in connection with the violation of key provisions of a number of declarations and conventions in the field of human rights.

We are talking, including about the continuation of illegal detentions, torture and repression against Ukrainians, said in a statement

Ukrainian diplomats also noted that the amount withheld for political reasons in Russia the Ukrainians are not only not decreased but rather has increased and now stands at at least 17 people.

At least 27 Ukrainian citizens illegally detained or prosecuted in Russia-annexed Crimea.