The results 30.07: Resort fee in the Crimea, NATO exercises

Итоги 30.07: Курортный сбор в Крыму, учения НАТО

Russian President Vladimir Putin has introduced a resort fee in the Crimea presents the main events of yesterday.

In Moldova, thousands of people demanded the resignation of the President

In the center of Chisinau thousands of protesters demanded the resignation of the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. The demonstrators chanted slogans “Resignation”, “the EU don’t give money to the mafia!”.

In the United States has successfully tested missiles THAAD

The United States experienced in Alaska missile defense system THAAD. The aircraft the U.S. air force launched a ballistic missile that successfully intercepted a missile defense system. The test will help US to stay ahead of the growing threats, said at the Pentagon.

Putin approved the introduction of resort gathering in the Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that will be introduced fee for the use of resort infrastructure in the three regions of the Russian Federation and annexed the Crimea.

Fee payers are natural persons, of full age residing at an accommodation more than 24 hours. Charging a resort fee will not begin until may 1, 2018, its size can not exceed 100 rubles, in 2018 it can not exceed 50 rubles.

A parade of Russian Navy was held in Sevastopol

In Sevastopol, the Day of the Russian Navy celebrated naval parade, in which military technology has produced a demonstration firing.

The parade was attended by the frigate Khersones, training ship Perekop, missile cruiser Moskva and diesel-electric submarine Stary Oskol. In the sky flying helicopters Ka-27 and su-30CM.

Georgia started the exercises involving NATO troops and Ukraine

At the military airfield in Vaziani near Tbilisi hosted the opening ceremony of multinational military exercises Worthy partner 2017 (2017 Noble Partner).

The exercise, which was attended by eight member countries and NATO partners (including Ukraine – ed.) and will last until August 12.

In China held a military parade and showed their new weapons

China held a military parade dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the people’s liberation army of China. The parade took place at the site of Juice for the first time after the formation of the people’s Republic of China in 1949. It took the President of the PRC XI Jinping.

The parade was presented a new Intercontinental ballistic missile DF-31AGВсего in the parade was attended by 12 thousand soldiers, 129 military aircraft and helicopters, 571 units.

Russia has decided to expel American diplomats 755

Russia in response to the approval by Congress of new sanctions against Russia retaliated, demanding before September 1, massively to reduce the number of American diplomats, to equalize them with the number of Russian diplomats in the United States. As part of new measures against the United States to leave Russia will have 755 American diplomats.


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