The results 30.09: Festival of equality and collapse in Lviv

Итоги 30.09: Фестиваль равенства и обвал во Львове

In Zaporozhye beat the participants of the Festival of equality presents the main events of yesterday.

In Zaporozhye beat the participants of the Festival of equality

In Zaporozhye unknown people in balaclavas beat the participants of the Festival of equality, which was attended by representatives of the LGBT community.

Police arrested 17 people attacked the participants of the Festival of equality in Zaporizhia part of which the minority

Kyiv will create a court for intellectual property

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree on the establishment of the High court in intellectual property matters. The decree was signed on September 29 and shall come into force from the day of promulgation.

According to the document, the court will be in Kiev. To provide funding for the new institution should the Cabinet of Ministers.

The star of the movie Taxi hit the base of a Peacemaker

Famous French actor Sami Naseri, who performed the main role in the movie Taxi, is added to the database of the center of Peacemaker because of his visit to annexed Crimea.

Night Naseri arrived in Simferopol, where he was greeted by journalists, fans and taxi drivers. The actor will participate in the so-called peace Forum, held in Yalta.

Saakashvili in Odessa clashes of activists and tube

In the center of Odessa supporters of the policy of Mikhail Saakashvili on the eve of his arrival, had a fight with Automaidan activists that support of the mayor Gennady Trukhanov

Media: Ukrainian pilots could have died in the Congo

About a dozen people were killed in the crash of a military aircraft in an area of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Among the dead during the fall of a military aircraft in the Congo can be citizens of Ukraine.

Sentsov will be transported to a colony on the Yamal

Convicted in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov was transferred from Irkutsk in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Sentsov also reported that in Yakutia before escorting him handed a box of hundreds of letters and books that had been stored a year and a half from the captors.

In the village population began to connect the gas

Ammunition depot in Kalynivka on the evening of 30 September, open fires burning there, but there is still a single detonation of ammunition, according to the SSES. Despite this, local residents began to connect the gas.

Entered into force on EU trade preferences for Kiev

Additional temporary trade preferences of the European Union for export of separate types of agricultural and industrial products from Ukraine came into force Sunday, October 1. The effect of the new quotas will last for three years.

In Odessa, hung and burned effigy of Putin

Activists of several Patriotic organizations burnt an effigy of Russian President Vladimir Putin near the Russian Consulate in Odessa. The event was timed to the anniversary of the recognition of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars “extremist” in Russia and in annexed Crimea.

BP: the Proportion of Ukrainian songs on the radio exceeds quota

On the radio today, there are more than 40% of the songs in the Ukrainian language, although the November quota should be 25%. About this informed the head of Committee of Verkhovna Rada on issues of freedom of speech and information policy Victoria syumar. However, she emphasizes that to promote information sphere only by prohibitions not.


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