The results 30.12: Default Private and the dollar to 28

Итоги 30.12: Дефолтный Приват и доллар по 28

PrivatBank announced a limited default

Correspondent net presents the main events of yesterday.

Once the bottom of the hryvnia

UAH in the exchanger struck the next local bottom: 28 per dollar. Recall that currency boom started about a week ago. Yet from 21 December Nazwan promises to calm the foreign exchange market, which is agog after the nationalization of PrivatBank.

Ukrainian champion

Ukrainian Anna Muzychuk became the world chess champion in blitz. Ahead of Muzychuk took 2nd and 3rd places of the Russian team Valentina Gunin and Ekaterina Lahno half points each.

Putin refused to expel diplomats

The President of Russia refused a symmetrical response to the yesterday’s demarche of Washington, which was expelled from the country for 35 Russian diplomats. “Further steps on restoration of Russian-American relations will develop based on the policy to be conducted by the administration of President Donald trump,” – said Putin.

Privat little in default

Rating Agency Fitch lowered the long-term rating of PrivatBank from CCC to RD (restricted default). This decision, Fitch explained PrivatBank agreement with creditors on the restructuring of two issues of its bonds.

In the center of Kiev fired a machine gun

Two people are in serious condition after gunshot wounds sustained today in the evening near the Palace of Sports in Kiev. Fired a machine gun extortionist of money from the online store confirmed by the police.

The giant chemical industry of Ukraine stopped

In Odessa, we stopped Port plant – the flagship of the chemical industry of Ukraine. As the authorities say, due to the high price of gas. Now the state is looking for somebody to take the power plant lease.