The results of 11.09: Cholera in the resort, millions Denisova

Итоги 11.09: Холера на курорте, миллионы Денисовой

In Berdyansk recorded case of cholera

On the resort Berdyansk found cholera; the Ombudsman found undeclared millions. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Kiev agreed to accept billions in debts to Kyivenergo to Naftogaz

The city Council at the meeting decided on the adoption Kievteploenergo 2.6 billion UAH of the debt of Kyivenergo for gas to Naftogaz under the condition of transmission sources Kyivenergo for compensation for the debt. For this decision voted 76 deputies.

In the Ukrainian resort the vacationer discovered cholera

Case of cholera recorded in Berdyansk Zaporizhia region. At the hospital turned resting in Berdyansk, a resident of Dnipropetrovsk region, suffering from acute gastroenterocolitis. After the hospital the day he refused treatment and went home. Later it became known that taken from patient samples selected Vibrio cholerae O1 group.

Turkey has deployed tanks and artillery on the border with Syria

Turkey has decided to strengthen military forces on the border with Syria in connection with military operations in Idlib. By the turn of massing tanks and special forces. Thus, Ankara is preparing for a possible influx of refugees from the region in the event of active hostilities.

The Ombudsman Denisov “forgot” to declare 23 million hryvnias

In return for the 2015 the Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova, which at that time was a MP, did not declare 23 268 840 hryvnias of the income from financial companies.

In addition, false Denisov indicated their contributions to the Charter capital of the four companies, which differs from the actual total 5 454 248 USD.

The United States supported the autocephaly of Ukraine

The US authorities to support Ukraine in the fight for the right to have a single Autocephalous Orthodox Church. This was during a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told the U.S. Ambassador at large for international religious freedom, Samuel Brownback, who is in Ukraine on a working visit.

In the soil near the Crimea found excess chemicals

The number of sulfates in the soil sample, which was taken on 5 September in six closest to the Crimea villages in Kherson region has increased. In some cases, the amount of sulphates has doubled since the early trials that were made on August 31.

The EU said that Hungary did not avoid sanctions

The European Parliament should impose disciplinary sanctions against Hungary because of the numerous violations of the rules of the Union by the government of the country. This was stated by the Rapporteur of the EP Judith Sargentini during the debate on the Hungarian question. According to her, members of the government of Viktor Orban and their families are enriched at the expense of European funds.

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