The results of 12.01: Measles in Ukraine and the scandal with trump

Итоги 12.01: Корь в Украине и скандал с Трампом

Measles attacks the Ukraine presents the main events of yesterday.

Poroshenko announced the priority reform 2018

In Ukraine to 2018 it is planned to reform the financial, legal, and investment spheres, as well as reforms in relation to the land market. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko. According to him, not to lose the momentum for fundamental change – the number one task for Ukraine.

In Ukraine, there was a measles outbreak

Measles outbreaks recorded in several regions of Ukraine in late 2017-early 2018. In General throughout the country of about 200 patients. Died of measles five people, including two children.

How dangerous is measles, and what are its symptoms is there any treatment what is prevention and what is the cost of the vaccine, to understand Корреспондент.net.

Trump disgraced by the statement”stinking hole”

The President of the United States Donald trump during a meeting at the White house called Haiti and African countries, where in USA migrants “stinking hole” (shithole). Later, the President of the United States stated that the words he used were hard, but not like that.

Meanwhile in the U.S. Congress have threatened to impeach Trump for his comments about migrants.

Half-naked Femen activist attacked the President of the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic Femen activist attacked the President of the country Milos Zeman. The incident occurred at a polling station where the President came to vote.

Zeman guards quickly dragged the girl and threw her to the floor. The President was taken out of the room.

Zeman came to the area, he threw the girl the President was gone.

— Rustemoglu(@adagamov) 12 января2018 G.


Groysman called the size of the external debt of Ukraine

Currently Ukraine’s foreign debt is 83% of the country’s GDP, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman

“Now foreign economic Ukraine’s debt is 83%,” – said the head of government.

This means that every Ukrainian should be about 1800-1900 dollars.

SBU took the well-known German company because of the Crimea

Main Department of the security Service of Ukraine in the Crimea carries out investigative actions within criminal case about possible the work of German companies DHL Express, Adidas and Puma in the annexed Peninsula. Details of pre-trial investigation were not disclosed.

In Ukraine strengthened the punishment for domestic violence

In Ukraine, entered into force amendments to the law concerning aggravating circumstances in the Commission of a crime.

“Committing a crime on the grounds of gender or in the presence of a child and unlawful practices against disabled man who suffers from mental disorders, in particular dementia, or intellectual disabilities, and has aggravating circumstances”, – the document says.

In addition, the crime against a spouse, former spouse, other family member or loved one also has the aggravating circumstances.


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