The results of 14.09: Veto Zelensky and attack drones

Итоги 14.09: Вето Зеленского и атака дронов

Zelensky vetoed the Electoral code

Zelensky vetoed the Electoral code; the drones attacked the world’s largest oil refinery. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

The President submitted to the inhabitants of the Dnieper a new head of regional state administration

President Vladimir Zelensky during a visit to the Dnieper introduced the new Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Oleksandr Bondarenko. The new Governor thanked Zelensky for the vote of confidence that the team of the regional state administration “will return to the field and quality work.”

Goncharuk said the main task of the new Cabinet

The main task of the new Ukrainian government is to give the chance to Ukrainians to be themselves, be honest with each other that will allow them to actually become happy, said Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

“I want the Ukrainians finally got the opportunity to be themselves, and thus had the opportunity to actually be happy, to be honest. In my personal opinion, this is the main task of the new Ukrainian government”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

Freed from the captivity of Russian sailors returned to Odessa

Arrived in Odessa freed from captivity by Russian crews of the boats Nikopol, Berdyansk and tug Yana mouthpiece. Sailors were greeted with flowers and posters, and children’s gifts.

“Ahead of the crews of the boats well-deserved rest, after which the military will again be in operation by the Ukrainian Navy and will continue to carry out tasks to destination”, – noted in the Navy.

Drones attacked an oil plant in Saudi Arabia

In the East of Saudi Arabia, the Houthis attacked with drones one of the world’s largest oil refineries.

Because of the assault, oil production in Saudi Arabia dropped by 5 million barrels a day. This is nearly half of the total current volume of oil production in the country.

Meanwhile, the US said that the attack on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia is Iran. President Donald trump has offered Saudi Arabia help in defence.

The foreign Ministry ruled out special status for Donbass

Ukraine’s commitments under the Minsk agreements do not envisage a special status for Donbass. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko.

According to him, the party behind the frontline needs to understand that “the chance of their development is decentralized. This process will give them a real opportunity and a chance to develop. But we are not made to the Constitution no special status”.

Zelensky vetoed the new Election code

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky vetoed and returned to Parliament with his proposals the Electoral code adopted by the Parliament of the eighth convocation.

In sentences Zelensky States that “the Code, which went on to be signed, contains provisions that do not comply with the Constitution of Ukraine does not take into account recent positive developments in the electoral legislation aimed at its improvement”.

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