The results of 16.02: the preselection and the requirement of the IMF

Итоги 16.02: Отбор на Евровидение и требование МВФ

Eurovision-2019: it became known to all the finalists of national selection

Became known to all the finalists of national selection for Eurovision-2019; IMF called the requirement to Ukraine. Корреспондент.net presents the main events of yesterday.

Decided all the participants of the national selection for Eurovision-2019

Ukraine was the second semifinal of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019. According to the results of jury evaluations and voting in the final of the national selection came Freedom jazz ANNA MARIA and KAZKA.

In the United States has faced 47 cars

On the highway near the American city of Kansas city has faced at least 47 cars. In the accident one person was lost, seven more got wounds. A large-scale accident occurred due to slippery roads.

The IMF called the main requirement for Ukraine

The international monetary Fund is in favour of deeper structural reforms in Ukraine to improve living standards in the country. This was stated by the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagar.

She stressed the need for Ukraine to maintain the gains made in restoring macroeconomic stability and to continue with deeper structural reforms needed to achieve sustainable economic growth and improve people’s lives.

The mother of the decl was named the cause of death of rapper

The mother of 35-year-old rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, alias Decl, Irina Tolmatsky in the air of the Russian First channel told us why she died her son. “Cause of death – overload. In the last six months wrote two of the album. When some complained that the hand was sick and foot,” she said.

Ukraine will need 50 years to economically catch up with Poland

Ukraine’s economy after the fall 2014 stabilized and returned to a regime of constant growth. When this country will need 50 years to reach the current economic level of Poland, said the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

“This, of course, for us too long. And we definitely plan to have recipes like to do to catch up,” said the Finance Minister.

The us Navy, the US added to the ship-invisible

The composition of the naval forces (Navy) of the United States officially became a ship of the coastal zone of USS Tulsa (LCS-16), which is equipped with technology to reduce the visibility (stealth). This is the fifteenth ship of that class, in total it is planned to deliver to the naval forces of the United States 34 of the ship.

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