The results of 18.07: little Russia, fine Russian

Итоги 18.07: Проект Малороссия, штраф России presents the main events of yesterday.

The court obliged Russia to pay to the Netherlands compensation in the case Arctic Sunrise

The court of arbitration in the Hague ordered Russia to pay the Netherlands € 5.4 million compensation for the detention of the vessel Arctic Sunrise activists Greenpeace in 2013. In addition to the said amount of compensation Russia must also pay the interest.

The court sentenced exposing the Eurovision buttocks Seduce

Ukrainian prankster Vitaly Seduc, who came on stage during the Eurovision song contest 2017 and bared your buttocks sentenced to a fine in the amount of 8.5 thousand UAH. Such a verdict is rendered he the Dnieper district court of Kyiv.

In the course of the trial, Seduc self-defended myself and the assistance of counsel was not sought. This, he argued, he did not consider himself a criminal.

In Ukraine additionally launched two TES

DTEK launched the Dnieper and Krivorozhsky thermal power plant in Dnipropetrovsk region to attend the summer peak of electricity consumption. Both TES was forced to shut down in April for the accumulation of scarce anthracite.

Avdiivka was hit by a powerful attack

Avdiivka was hit by the shelling, which lasted about four hours, the enemy fire was coming from three directions. The shelling had wounded two civilians men – one of the shells hit a house on the street Shevchenko. With shrapnel wounds to the head, they were taken to the city hospital.

Zakharchenko said about the establishment of the Ukraine

The self-proclaimed head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko announced the formation of a new state Ruthenia with its capital in Donetsk and flag of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Zakharchenko sees little Russia within the boundaries of the whole of Ukraine, except Crimea, its Constitution – the non-aligned status and work towards restoring ties with Russia, and the refusal of debt repayment of the current authorities.

The news of the creation of the Ukraine surprised everyone from the self-proclaimed LNR to Russia and Germany. Kiev sees the Abkhazian scenario, Lugansk distanced himself from this idea, questioning its appropriateness, Moscow tells about the contradiction of the Minsk agreements, while Europe condemns.

The United States experienced in the Persian Gulf laser weapon

Navy (Navy), the United States conducted a test in fact the first laser weapon in the world. The tests were conducted in the Persian Gulf. The laser weapon system (LaWS) were placed on the transport dock USS Ponce.

According to media reports, testing of laser weapons, the Navy launched the target in the form of unmanned aircraft, the maintenance team of laser guided weapons to the target, the wing of the drone lit up “in an instant” and he fell into the sea. The strike occurred “silently and invisibly”.

Bitcoin price rose sharply after the fall

Bitcoin began rising again in price. One day its price has risen by 20%. Now for 1 Bitcoin give at least $ 2320. Thus, in less than 2 two days, the cryptocurrency has risen by 20%.


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