The results of 23.06: the Case against Guzhva, the impact of Russia on IG

Итоги 23.06: Дело против Гужвы, удар России по ИГ

Guzhva after delivery charges presents the main events of yesterday.

Guzhva was charged with extortion

Editor-in-chief of the online publication Stranaya the Igor Guzhva formally handed over a suspect on the case of extortion, said his lawyer, Olena Lukash.

“Just introduced to palosai. This is complete nonsense and a lie. Amazing document − not one word of truth,” said editor-in-chief Strenia.

HCP reported that the Guzhva threatens till 10 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that the journalist is a defendant in another case − the failure to pay 17.7 million hryvnias of taxes.

Prosecutor General’s office also released the first snippets of the video, where two people talking about the amounts and removal of materials from the site. It is alleged that one of these people – Igor Guzhva.

On another video stating that this is the time of money transfer from the intermediary people’s Deputy of Ukraine to the intermediary of the head of the online edition Strenia.



Корреспондент.net collected information about the reaction to the detention of Guzhva.

Observers from the US and Ukraine couldn’t fly over Russia

The Russian defense Ministry reported that the observation flight of the joint mission of the United States and Ukraine over the territory of Russia on the American aircraft observations OS-1356 repealed the United States in connection with the malfunction of the aircraft.

Turchinov said that the inhabitants of the LDNR will be hard to check

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that a draft law concerning inspections of LDNR and residents of the Crimea, wishing to obtain a passport. Due to security reasons, will be thoroughly checked “not whether a person has another nationality, not whether it has relevance to those who betrayed the country, the intelligence services of the Russian Federation”.

The lions started to clear from debris

The press service of the Lviv city Council reported that on 23 June from the city took out 270 tons of garbage from nearly 12 thousand tons of the accumulated. During the day the garbage was taken out only part Perinatology areas of the city.

Russia launched a missile attack on is militants in Syria

Two Russian frigates and one submarine hit by cruise missiles Caliber of the Mediterranean sea on the positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state”.

It is noted that the result of a sudden massive missile strike had destroyed the control points, as well as large stocks of weapons and ammunition to Islamic state terrorists in the village of Akerbat the province of Hama.

The Ministry of Finance filed an appeal in the case of Ukraine’s debt to Russia

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has sent to the English court of appeal documents to initiate appellate review of decisions of the High court of London of March 29, 2017 regarding Eurobonds for $ 3 billion (the so-called Yanukovych’s debt), which are owned by Russia.

The police called the cause of the fire in high-rise buildings of London

London police officially confirmed that the cause of the fire in an apartment building Grenfell Tower, which killed 79 people, was the ignition of the fridge in one of the apartments. The police also confirmed that the home’s exterior, which journalists have long believed the reason for the incredibly rapid spread of fire, do not meet the requirements of fire safety.

PrivatBank decided to capitalize on 38.5 billion

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that the Cabinet decided to dokapitalizatsii Privat 38.5 billion. According to him, the capital will be increased by issuing government bonds.

In Mariupol, an explosion occurred at the police

The explosion on the basis of a battalion of police in Mariupol, seven people were injured. According to preliminary information, there was an unauthorized explosion of the grenade. The investigation is underway.


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