The results of 23.10: the massacre at the court of Kiev and the fake SBU

Итоги 23.10: Погром в суде Киева и фейк от СБУ

The premises of Sviatoshynsky court in Kiev presents the main events of yesterday.

Supporters Kohanivsky defeated hall in the Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev

A group of supporters of the leader of the volunteer battalion OUN Nikolay Kohanivsky barricaded himself in the room Sviatoshynsky district court of Kyiv, which addressed the issue of election to it measures of restraint.

Law enforcement officers stormed the room with tear gas. A scuffle ensued, during which the courtroom was destroyed.


Unknown distributed fake about the assassination of Poroshenko

On behalf of the SBU have circulated information that the President of Petro Poroshenko during his visit to the plant was preparing an attack.

It was reported that Agency staff allegedly disarmed a group of people who were preparing an attempt on the head of state and two of them during detention has been eliminated.

Later the representative of the SBU has denied this information, calling it a fake.

Hawking posted his thesis

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking laid out in open access on the web site of the University of Cambridge a thesis “properties of expanding universes”, which he wrote in 24 years.

Due to the large number of people wishing to learn about the work of the scientist, the University website is out of order. In less than a day more than 60 thousand people visited the website to read or download the document.

The journalist echo of Moscow was attacked with a knife

The editors of radio Echo of Moscow rushed the man and was stabbed in the throat of the journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer. She was hospitalized and after the transaction is put into a state of artificial coma. According to doctors, Felgenhauer in serious condition.

The assailant was detained by the police. They found 48-year-old Boris grits, who said that the journalist him “telepathically stalked two months”.

The company Akhmetov bought gas coal in the United States

Energy holding DTEK businessman Rinat Akhmetov will soon deliver the first of 150 thousand tons of coal of the “G” from the US to replenish its stock of TES in the framework of preparation for the heating season.

DTEK said that the current level of production of coal of the “G” in the country can not cover the increased needs of the thermal power plant in the fuel.

MPs have set a new record for truancy

In October, the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada on average, was attended by 318 people’s deputies of 422, which is the worst figure for 2017. Only in October was held 11 plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada.

In Ukraine there arrived another ship with coal from South Africa

In the port of South came seventh in this year’s bulk carrier with 75 thousands of tons of anthracite from South Africa. His offloading will begin in the near future, then coal will be sent to the warehouses of the Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP power.

In Chechnya, the military shot and killed four co-workers

In Chechnya, an employee of Regardie opened fire on fellow soldiers in a military unit. As a result of the incident killed four people.

According to media reports, the cause of the accident was nedovolstvo military upcoming dismissal.

Britain has asked to cancel the term “pregnant woman”

The UK government appealed to the UN with a proposal to replace the term “pregnant woman” “pregnant man” because the first ignores the category of pregnant transgender.


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