The results of 25.11: Interrogation Yanukovych and Firtash wanted

Итоги 25.11: Допрос Януковича и розыск Фирташа presents the main events of yesterday.

Kolomoysky was elected one of the leaders of the party DILL

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky became Chairman of the party control Commission of the party DILL. The decision adopted by the delegates of the 11th Congress of the political force, which is being held in Kiev.

The businessman not Congress was not. In addition, Kolomoisky became a member of the party DILL – he is at a party given in one of the regional organizations of the city Kiev.

Interrogation of Yanukovych in the case of the events on the Maidan broke

Activists of the Right sector blocked the exit from the Lukyanovka jail in Kiev, where we have been exported to the former employees of special forces the Golden eagle to participate in the meeting of Svyatoshinsky regional court in the case of murders of activists of the Euromaidan.

And talk? How authorities foiled the interrogation Yanukovych

In the course of this trial, it was planned interrogation in a videoconference mode of the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. In the end, the questioning Yanukovych was thwarted. The meeting decided to postpone for Monday, November 28. The ex-President called delaying his questioning, “an attempt to hide the truth.”

Questioning Yanukovych: online broadcast

Hollande has awarded Monica Bellucci Legion of honor

Italian actress Monica Bellucci, known for his roles in the movie “Malena” and “007: Spectrum”, was awarded the Legion of honor. The award the actress received from the hands of the President of France Francois Hollande.


❤This Honorée et émue par cette distinction de chevalier de la légion d’honneur. Merci à Mr Le President de la République Française François Hollande @fhollande Merci la France ??#monicabellucci#decoration#legiondhonneur#palaisdelelysee#francoishollande#monicabellucci#paris#france#elysee

Videooperatorov Bellucci (@monicabellucciofficiel) Ноя24 2016 B11:20 PST

Yanukovych held a press conference in Rostov

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych in Rostov-on-don was held a press-conference, dedicated to the cause of independence. He also asked questions about the annexation of Crimea, the role of Russia in the Donbass, if he was going to return to politics, and does not regret that did not sign the agreement with the EU and did not enter the military situation in Ukraine.

Putin gave Steven Seagal a Russian passport

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally handed the passport to the American actor and producer Steven Seagal. The Russian leader stressed that the citizenship of the Russian Federation there is no policy, and it should facilitate American actor the realization of their professional plans and socializing with friends in Russia.

“Black Friday” in the United States: shoppers stormed the stores

In the Internet appeared the first pictures and video from “black Friday” in the United States. Shows how supermarkets it is hype, people stand in queues, terms of crowds and stampedes.

In recent years there has been a trend of increasing online purchases. And because retailers are struggling to attract the attention of buyers and make up to 85%.

Black Friday – Friday after thanksgiving in the United States. It is the beginning of the traditional Christmas sales season.

Iran has faced two passenger trains

Two passenger trains collided in the Iranian province of Semnan. The accident killed at least 36 people, the remaining 95 passengers were injured. Approximately 100 people were saved.

The accident occurred at the station haft Khan in the city of Shahrud, 400 miles East of Tehran. One passenger train crashed into another, when he stood on the station.

Spain Firtash declared in the international wanted

Gas tycoon Dmitry Firtash, the Prosecutor’s office of Spain suspected of laundering large sums of money. Firtash is wanted, together with two accomplices – citizens of Ukraine.

Simultaneously with the issuance of warrants to search in Barcelona in the resort town of Marbella on November 24 were arrested five other suspects in the case of Firtash.

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