The results of 26.12: Blockade LDNR and apartment raids

Итоги 26.12: Блокада ЛДНР и квартирные рейды

Veterans of the anti-terrorist operation are preparing a blockade of the DNI and LC presents the main events of yesterday.

Ukraine rose by 22 positions in the ranking of the economies

Research Institute SolAbility has published a report of Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, which compares countries in terms of development and sustainability of their economies.

Each state received a certain number of points out of 100. In first place was Sweden, scored 60.9 points, the second to Norway from 59.4 points, the third – Finland with 56, 2 points.

Also in the top ten most competitive countries were Denmark, Iceland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg. From countries of the former USSR, best rating Lithuania, it is in 18th place. Russia is 45th in the ranking (last year 33), Ukraine took the 64th place (in 2015 – 86).

Veterans of the ATO announced the beginning of a trade embargo LDNR

Veterans of the war of independence begin the blockade of trade with the DNI and LC. This was stated by people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko.

“Expired term of the ultimatum announced by Russian mercenaries LNR/DNR veterans of the War for Independence. Veterans begin operations by the blockade of trade with the occupied territories, which make millions as the leaders of the so-called DNR/LNR, and “Ukrainian” oligarchs and officials,” he said.

The Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh said that the blockade of Donbass can result in serious consequences for Ukraine.

Poroshenko has signed the state budget in 2017

President Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on the State budget for 2017. The head of state noted that the defense spending amount to 5.2 percent of GDP. In addition, according to Poroshenko, the budget of 2017 pledged “unprecedented charges” for road construction.

AMCU allowed the Swiss to buy a network of petrol stations Rosneft in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee allowed a Swiss company GLUSCO ENERGY SA buy свыше50 percent of shares of Rosneft Management Company Limited (Nicosia, Cyprus) and more than 50 percent of the shares of the company Fargrade Limited (Nicosia, Cyprus). Thus, GLUSCO will become the owner of a chain of gas stations Rosneft in Ukraine.

In Cherkasy demanded the resignation of the new chief of police

The rally near the building of GU-Ukraine in Cherkasy region escalated into clashes and fights. Against the appointment of Valery Fierce representatives of Automaidan, Azov, self Defense, White hammer and Freedom.

Under the police administration building brought a Christmas tree and tires. A fierce left to the activists and asked them not to violate the order, then went back into the room to the police. At this time in his side from the ranks of the protesters flew the item, like a piece of stick. In the next few minutes there was a scuffle.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has expressed to the Israeli Ambassador disappointment

Ukraine has expressed to the Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine Eliav Belotserkovsky disappointment when he was summoned to the foreign Ministry of the country.

“The Ukrainian side expressed disappointment with the emotional reactions of some Israeli officials and politicians on the results of the vote in new York,” said the Agency.

Earlier, Ukraine condemned Israel’s settlement activities, voting together with other countries in the UN security Council a draft resolution demanding to stop settlement activities in the Palestinian territories. After this, Israel has banned Ministers contacts with Ukraine.

The mayor of Kiev announced a door-to-door passport control

Kyiv city state administration will hold the passport control to detect the illegal tenants of the apartments, said Deputy KSCA Peter Panteleev. According to him, activities will start in spring 2017.

The municipality together with the police to check passports only in those apartments where there are no metering devices for hot and cold water.

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