The results of 28 April: Launch of the Union, clip with Snowden

Итоги 28 апреля: Запуск Союза, клип со Сноуденом

The launch of the Soyuz rocket with the new Russian cosmodrome East presents the main events of yesterday.

Patrol police began work in Kirovograd

The new patrol police began work in Kirovograd. The oath of office at Theater square took 238 patrol that will serve on the 24 car. Among sworn – 44 girls and 37 former members of ATO.

The French Parliament voted for the lifting of sanctions against Russia

The French national Assembly adopted the proposed opposition a resolution that urged the government to oppose the extension of European sanctions against Russia. The resolution is a recommendation and does not oblige the authorities to take concrete action.

Russia launched a rocket Soyuz from the Baikonur East

With the new Russian cosmodrome East was produced by the launch-vehicle “Soyuz” with three satellites on Board. It was held at 5:01 a.m. Moscow time and was successful. The separation of the spacecraft Lomonosov, AIST-2D and SamSat-218 finished in 7.07.

Banned Schuster in Ukraine suspended

Civil service employment has suspended the decision of the Kyiv city employment center regarding the cancellation of the work permit of the journalist and the TV host Savik Shuster in Ukraine to ascertain the circumstances. The TV show Shuster Live on Friday, April 29, will be broadcast on the TV channel of the capital Kiev.

Snowden starred in the music video

French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre released a video for the song “Exit”, recorded together with former national security Agency employee Edward Snowden.

The oppressive atmosphere of the video illustrates the technical aspects of surveillance, but Snowden himself delivers a short speech about the importance of privacy protection.

Immortal came out of the negotiations on the Donbass

The representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of Donbass Roman Bezsmertny said that decided to stop working negotiator. The city is associated with the failure of the Minsk agreements. In his opinion, LDNR elections in the foreseeable future impossible.

Russian blogger Lev Vershinin for the week predicted the resignation of the Immortal.

Poroshenko has appointed new governors in three areas

President Petro Poroshenko by his decree appointed three governors. So, Andrey Gordeev became the head of the Kherson regional state administration. The head of Rivne oblast was Alex, Malyarenko and Khmelnytskyi Alexander Korniychuk.

Moldova has imposed duties on imports of meat, milk and cement from Ukraine

Meat and dairy products and cement temporarily excluded from the free trade regime with Ukraine. The Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers has imposed duties on these products and set quotas on duty-free supplies. The duties will be valid until December 31, 2016.

The Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine has promised to respond to the introduction by Moldova of duties.

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