The results of 29.08: Mask show in Nikolaev, “zrada” Juncker

Итоги 29.08: Маски-шоу в Николаеве, "зрада" Юнкера

In Nikolaev passed mass searches of deputies and entrepreneurs presents the main events of yesterday.

Semenchenko announced a new stage of the trade blockade of Donbass

The people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko announced the beginning of the second phase of the blockade of Donbass.

“We now turn to the second stage. We have to force Akhmetov to stop funding terrorists, we must put an end to the tariff Rotterdam +. Over the summer we seriously have gained power, has opened a number of camps along the Russian border and is ready, if the government will continue to do nothing to strengthen our defense, to act as representatives of civil society,” – said the MP.

The head of the European Commission outlined the EU’s position on Ukraine

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker did not agree that Ukraine close to EU membership and NATO.

“At the moment 60 in the world wars, and none of them in Europe, except Ukraine. However, Ukraine is not a European country, in the sense of EU membership. I know that recently my friend told Poroshenko: look, Ukraine is almost the EU and NATO. However, at the moment she is neither there nor there, and it is important to understand,” he said.

Taylor swift broke the record for Adele views on YouTube

Popular American singer Taylor swift broke the record of his British singer Adele on YouTube.

New video Taylor swift Look What You Made Me Do were presented at the awards ceremony MTV Video Music Awards and posted to YouTube on 27 August. For the first 24 hours he got 28 million hits. As of August 29, the video had been viewed over 60 million times.

In Kiev honored memory of those killed in Ilovaysk “boiler”

In Kyiv near the memorial Wall of remembrance, which is located on the wall of St. Michael’s Cathedral of the UOC-Kyiv Patriarchate commemorated in Ilovaisky “boiler”. The event was attended by the mothers of the victims, prisoners and missing soldiers and fighters who stormed Ilovaisk in and out of the “pot”.

The participants of the battle of Ilovaisk, wrote a letter to the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers.

The treatment of combatants and their relatives have voiced the commander of the assault battalion group “Donbas” Taras Kostaschuk during the mourning events dedicated to the memory of victims in “Ilovaisky boiler”.

In Nikolaev there were mass searches of politicians and businessmen

In Nikolaev there were mass searches of members of the city Council, local businessmen and lawyers. According to local media, they were suspected of “supplying drugs and weapons from the zone ATO”.

The Prosecutor stated that the searches were held within the criminal proceedings regarding the possible appropriation of budget funds, extortion and raiding.

North Korea launched a rocket that passed over Japan

The night of August 29th, North Korea launched a ballistic missile that flew toward Japan and flying over the territory of the country, fell into the waters of the Pacific ocean. The missile covered a distance of 2.7 thousand kilometers, reaching a maximum altitude of 550 kilometers.

Attempt to shoot down North Korean missile the Japanese government has not taken, but asked residents to take shelter in bunkers.

Rocket Hwaseong-12 was the first in 20 years, the North Korean rocket, which could fly so high over Japan’s territory.

Russia has said about the installation of the arch of the bridge Kerch

On the Seine estuary the support of the Crimean bridge installed railway arch, said the information centre of the Crimean bridge.

The final Assembly for the Seine estuary supports will take another three weeks. During this time the builders will assemble the final elements of the arch and put on a special supporting part. But now the design works, the system of marine and air navigation alarm.


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